Why do Soccerr Players Put their Thumb in Mouth After a Goal

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Why do Soccerr Players Put their Thumb in Mouth After a Goal

There are different myths and facts associated with different games. Some are true about them, but a few merely associated for some purposes. Soccer generates handsome revenue every year. Through national and international leagues, world cup and other matches are the sources of generating income. There are more than 2000 football clubs which play every year around the world. They all belong to different regions and states of the world.

Top Soccer players in 2020

Soccer or football is the world's most played game. Its history is thousands of years back. There are more than 200 countries that play soccer on a national and international level. A list of top soccer players in 2020 worldwide given below:

  1. Kylian Mbappe
  2. Virgil van Dijk
  3. Neymar
  4. Cristiano Ronaldo
  5. Lionel Messi
  6. Sadio Mane
  7. Kevin De Bruyne
  8. Robert Lewandowski
  9. Eden Hazard
  10. Sergio Aguero

There are many more best soccer players worldwide other than these mentioned above. See more about คาสิโน โปรโมชั่นดี. Each top player added meaning to the entire performance of the soccer game with his performance. There are some of the female soccer players too who are struggling to perform in the best way.

Interesting things to know about soccer goals

There are multiple facts about the most played soccer game around the world. A few untold truths about the soccer game mentioned below:

  • Soccer is a term which is from British origin
  • It is recorded that more than 50% of people worldwide watched the soccer world cup 2018
  • The price or cost of the soccer star is more than half-billion dollars
  • A soccer ball is more interesting than what you think about it
  • Another interesting thing about soccer is that an entire team of soccer killed due to lightning
  • Sergio Ramos is the only player who won most cards according to the records of soccer history
  • Lionel Messi is the soccer player named as a household by Guinness World Records
  • Roger Milla is one of the oldest players who was an Egyptian goalkeeper played in world cup too
  • Pele is the youngest player of soccer who played at world cup too
  • There are 32 panels in a soccer ball, and every panel represents every 32 countries of Europe
  • The very first soccer nets were wicker baskets
  • A young 13 years old Brazilian soccer player scored 23 goals in total when his team won 23-0
  • In Mississippi soccer considered as an illegal game till 1991
  • In 1996, women soccer team allowed to play in the Olympics
  • Soccer is a 3000 years old game
  • It is one of the popular games in the entire world. Also known as "football."

The above listed interesting facts about soccer are only a few. There are many more facts about the soccer game as it is an old game in the world.

Putting thumb in mouth after a goal

According to different people, they noticed that soccer players do different things while playing soccer. A few of them are meaningless. Similarly, it observed that players in happiness or joy put their thumb to their mouth after scoring a goal. Putting ‘thumb in the mouth’ related to the celebration in the happiness of goal. There might be logical tow meaning behind doing so. One may be that the goal scorer recognizes that this goal was nothing more than a child's play. The second is that he dedicates the goal to his newborn baby. All such acts show a sudden feeling of excitement or amazement.

Final words

Finally, form the above description, we found that soccer, as being the most played game of the world, has too many interesting facts. Every soccer player owns a different set of characteristics and habits. Audience or fans look for the meaning or logic behind their habits or actions they perform while playing soccer. Though there are too many actions, a player performs while playing soccer, but a frequently observed thing is players put their thumb in their mouth after every goal. The logic behind is that in the excitement of goal score, they put their thumb to their mouth.

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