Why Your Apple Watch is Less Responsive

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Publish Date : 2020-09-11 05:47:36

Why Your Apple Watch is Less Responsive

An Apple Watch is a highly reliable device that is less prone to malfunction as compared to its competitors. Though occasionally, the watch may stop working. However, don't worry if your watch with a beautiful Apple Watch sport band refuses to work. 

Apple Watch is Unresponsive  

You are expected to be worried if your watch stops working. This may be because of several reasons. To fix this, start with some basic steps. Check the battery status and charge if the battery is low. This will let you know if there is anything wrong with charging or battery.

Power Reserve Mode also limits the watch’s responsiveness and functionality. When the Power Reserve Mode is on, the watch only displays the time. You need to disable the Power Reserve Mode. 

Many minor problems can be fixed simply by turning the watch off and on. Press and hold the side button and swipe the Power Off slider. Press and hold the same button to start the watch. 

Force Restart 

The watch displays a warning message when you take this measure. To force restart, press and hold the Digital Crown and side button. 

WatchOS 3.1.1

Apple withdrew the update for a reason. There were some issues that were required to be fixed. If you are using this version then you should check for an update. 

WatchOS 4 

If yours is the original watch that has slowed down over time, this is happening because of the operating system. WatchOS 4 and its features demand more from the first-gen model. This is the reason why your watch is a little less responsive. You cannot easily get back to an older watchOS version. However, you can raise the issue with the customer support team. Officially, the watchOS 4 and the original model are compatible. 

Interrupting Update 

You thought that it would take only 20 to 30 minutes for watchOS to update. So, you went for it just before leaving for work. When you checked the watch before leaving, the update was still in progress. Despite getting an onscreen warning, you took the watch off the charger and it stopped working. All you could see was the URL of the support page. You restarted the watch, but it did not work. If your watch has stopped working because you interrupted the update, you should speak to Apple. 

The Red Exclamation Mark 

If you see the red exclamation mark, you need to speak to Apple. This is the official advice. 

Watch is Not Charging 

There may be some issue with the charger or plug if the watch is not getting charged. Make sure that the plug is properly plugged into the socket. The cable should also be properly plugged into the plug. You should also look for obstructions or debris on components. Clean the component to make sure that there is nothing interrupting the connection. Use a spare USB plug and plug into a different socket. You will learn about the component that is not working. 

Your Apple Watch may also stop working due to battery problems, broken screen or water damage.

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