Wireframing with a tool like Whimsical is faster and more lightweight for throwing ideas together and getting a feel for

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Publish Date : 2021-01-07 08:54:01

Wireframing with a tool like Whimsical is faster and more lightweight for throwing ideas together and getting a feel for

Many are wondering what the cause of Bitcoin’s renewed energy is. I figured I would present a few Bitcoin-related charts that are already hitting new all-time highs, in order to clarify the phenomenon a bit.

If you gauge metrics of retail investor interest in the asset, whether it’s tweets or google searches, Bitcoin is still languishing well below it’s highs. This is causing a fair amount of puzzlement.

Interview, even if you’re happy at your job. Interviewing at other companies can reveal a lot about the holes in our knowledge or what skills are currently in demand. Design challenges can also be a great exercise to flex our creative muscles and solve interesting problems.

Side projects. Side projects are what lead me to discover my interest in product design in the first place. If we’re relying solely on an employer’s design work, then we’re limiting our growth potential. If you have free time on nights and weekends, try dabbling with an idea you’re excited about. Side projects are great for portfolios and show authentic design work without client interference.

Read design system documentation. Reading design documentation from popular design systems is a foolproof way to gain more tactical UI/UX knowledge. Some of my favorite design systems are IBM Carbon, Zendesk Garden, Workday Canvas, Atlassian, and Material.

Indeed, when Renaissance Technologies, one of the world’s most lucrative hedge funds, announced that they would include Bitcoin in their universe of tradeable assets, their instrument of choice was the CME cash-settled Bitcoin futures product. The CME is a natural choice for many large and highly-regulated allocators, because they don’t want to deal with the operational complexities that involve taking custody of Bitcoin, they may already actively trade on the exchange, and their regulators are most likely already comfortable with it. No need to evaluate the risk of a brand new platform.

Paying attention. It’s easy to mindlessly use apps or go through digital experiences without giving much thought to them. It’s often the design that goes unnoticed that is the best designs. As designers, we should note the design decisions other more established brands and products are making.

The UX Collective donates US$1 for each article published in our platform. This story contributed to Bay Area Black Designers: a professional development community for Black people who are digital designers and researchers in the San Francisco Bay Area. By joining together in community, members share inspiration, connection, peer mentorship, professional development, resources, feedback, support, and resilience. Silence against systemic racism is not an option. Build the design community you believe in.





















e looking for work, keep your interactions friendly but always professional. Understand the cultures and norms of the people and teams you interact with. It’s important to note that respect goes both ways. It’s a shared human trait that helps build friendships and great working relationships.

This chart shows the number of addresses on the Bitcoin ledger owning $10 or more worth of the asset. It’s well above its late 2017 level. This shows the supply of Bitcoin getting more and more dispersed, especially into lot sizes that are consistent with retail investors. The chart looks much the same — at all-time highs— for other thresholds, whether $1, $100, or $1,000. At all of these levels, there are simply more addresses on the ledger holding Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is nearing its prior all-time high (ATH), set in December 2017. It’s entirely plausible that we could regain the heady $20,000 level within the next few weeks or months.

This time, it’s happening without much fanfare, and without the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) phenomenon which intensified the price action (investors bought BTC in order to participate in ICOs, driving the price up).

Of course, one address on-chain does not necessarily correspond to one person. Large exchanges custody Bitcoin in omnibus accounts on behalf of many users, and regular users can control many addresses, so there’s error in both directions. But as long as the relationship between humans and the number of addresses on-chain that represent them is somewhat consistent, this is a useful directional metric to assess user growth.

The open interest in futures refers to the total value of outstanding contracts that have yet to be settled. The CME Bitcoin Futures product is notable because it’s a liquid Bitcoin product at the world’s largest derivatives exchange, which investors of all stripes have access to. Unlike a lot of Bitcoin exchanges, the CME is plugged into established clearing infrastructure — effectively the plumbing capable of moving trillions of dollars around.

Whimsical has predefined guard rails that make it easy to add components and define the hierarchy, layout, and content of screens — but not be distracted by the small details. Whimsical restricts us from getting caught up with colors, selecting typefaces, adding our own icon family, and so on.

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