Zack Snyder wrote the last film of the Saga 300

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Zack Snyder wrote the last film of the Saga 300

Zack Snyder admits that he had written the last chapter of the 300 saga. However, the idea he wrote apparently went too far and turned into a new film.
In the recent broadcast of The Fourth Wall, Snyder, who was involved in writing and working on the film 300 (1998) and writing its sequel, 300: Rise of Empire, mentions that he had a task from Warner Bros. to write the sequel to the saga.

"The script should be something that should be the core of the final 300 rounds," said Snyder, who said he started writing the script during the Covid-19 pandemic. "But I didn't really get into the story," says Snyder.
Instead, he even made up a new story. "When I sat down to write it, I was actually making a new film,"

"I wrote this about Alexander the Great, and it turned into a film about the relationship between Hephaestion and Alexander. It turned into a love story," said Snyder.
In the ancient Greek story, Hephaestion is a close friend and general of Alexander the Great's army as well as his personal bodyguard.

That said, he was the most beloved of all the king's friends and Alexander entrusted all his secrets to Hephaestion.

"The story does not match the third film [300] at all," said Snyder, who said he was actually excited about turning the fictional gay love story into a real film.
"There's that concept, and the results are really good. It's called Blood and Ashes, and it's a beautiful love story, really, with warfare. I want to do it, [Warner Bros] said no ... You know, they're not my big fans. That's the truth, "said Snyder.

People reported that Warner Bros. did not respond to requests for comment on claims from Zack Snyder.

300 is a historical action film by Zack Snyder released in 2007 and is based on the 1998 comic series with a similar theme by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley. The two retell the fictional Battle of Thermopylae in the Persian Wars.

In the first film, this film stars Gerard Butler who plays King Leonidas who leads 300 Spartan troops against the Persian God-King Xerxes and his army of more than 300 thousand soldiers.

The film was a huge success with a box office of US $ 456.1 million from a production budget of US $ 60-65 million.

The story of 300 was then made a sequel version in 2014, titled Rise of an Empire. Written again by Zack Snyder and produced by Noam Murro, the story takes place before, during, and after the core events of the first film.

# Ku Hye-sun returns to the big screen, becoming a cast and director

Having not appeared in public for a long time, actress Ku Hye-sun will return to star in the latest film titled Dark Yellow. Not only appearing as the main player, Ku Hye-sun is also involved as the director and scriptwriter of the film.
The news was also uploaded by Ku Hye-sun on her personal Instagram account.

"I'm working on a film today. I'm preparing a short film. So a month before filming, I'm busy," wrote Ku Hye-sun.
"This is a film about a woman who uses the color 'dark yellow', my favorite color. Maybe I end this message by saying that there will be quite a surprising development. So please look forward to my film," he concluded.
Quoting from Soompi (18/5), the film Dark Yellow, which will be directed and starring Ku Hye-sun, will start the filming process in June. In addition to reporting about the filming plan, Ku Hye-sun also uploaded a short synopsis of this film.

Dark Yellow is a film about a woman who works in a yellow flower shop and her life begins to change when a foreign man is attracted to her.

This film carries a horror melodrama genre whose story centers on women's fears about 'power', not in an abstract sense but in a physical sense.

Dark Yellow is a film resulting from a fundraising project on the Wadiz platform. The fundraising project has been in formation since May 17, but the official campaign will only run from May 31 to June 30.

"I hope the project produced in collaboration with Wadiz will be an opportunity for us to communicate with fans, supporters and audiences," said Ku Hye-sun.

Furthermore, the production team will share the entire film-making process with the public. Providers of funds will also get rewards in the form of merchandise and behind-the-scenes products from the production process, as well as the opportunity to attend the screening of the film.

"We hope 'Dark Yellow' will become a 'meeting place' for viewers. We will focus on sharing the production process and provide space to discuss the results, as well as other promotions for the project," said a representative from MIMI Entertainment as Ku Hye-sun's agency. .

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