Happy, 3 Zodiac Couples Will Be Flooded With Fortune If Matched

Author : Shinta Bachir
Publish Date : 2021-03-26 13:49:11

Happy, 3 Zodiac Couples Will Be Flooded With Fortune If Matched

According to astrology, there are 3 zodiac pairs who will be flooded with sustenance if they are matched and live together.

Who are they? Leo and Sagittarius

Leo and Sagittarius are a couple full of adventure and fun. Not only that, they are also able to gain a lot of sustenance if they live together. Scorpio and Cancer

Scorpio and Cancer are a couple who are full of love and affection for each other. They will support each other, and make their lives always blessed with a lot of sustenance.

Taurus and Virgo Taurus and Virgo are committed partners.

Both of them also always work hard so that their lives are prosperous and abundant with sustenance.

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5 Signs Your Relationship Is Too Emotionally Tiring

Putting your time and energy into relationships that don't meet your needs can make you feel tired. It can drain your energy. Of course, relationships aren't perfect. Every relationship has several ups and downs. But if you are constantly stressed every time you think about your relationship, chances are that it is affecting your mental health. This doesn't mean that you have to break up, but what you do need is some time apart and help from a therapist. Here are some signs your relationship may be too emotionally draining.

1. Only Concerned with Couples Problems

You worry more about your partner's problems than your own. You may feel drained emotionally if your partner continues to rely on you to solve their problems. It's not healthy for you or your relationship, especially if you are never the recipient.

2. Fear of hurting

You try not to give your opinion because you are afraid of hurting your partner. Avoiding problems now can be a big problem in the long run. Honest communication is one of the pillars on which a relationship is built.

3. Craving Time Out

You always crave time alone. Spending time alone is also healthy for relationships. However, if you frequently want to travel alone or away from your partner, you are likely trying to avoid it. If that's the case, you may want to rethink the relationship.

4. Physically Tired

You may feel physically tired too. Your mental health affects your physical health too. You may be sleep deprived or feel tired all the time.

5. Feeling Not Productive

Aren't you as productive as you used to be at work? When your relationship takes up all of your time, it can also affect your professional life. It can be difficult to focus on your career if you are mentally exhausted.

When things are going and it's just you trying harder at the relationship, it can be quite a drain on your emotions. A healthy relationship requires effort from both partners. Where you both strive for the success of the relationship.

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To be in relationship is a human necessity. From birth until death, we all experience several relationships, with parents, siblings, friends, teachers and many more. But one of the most important relationships after family is your partner, as they become your family eventually.

But how do we know that our relationship with our partner is ‘love’ or ‘transactional’?
You are the best judge of this. Only you can tell if you regularly give but never receive. If you are always a giver in the relationship, then you are bound to get drained instead of getting fulfillment. When I talk to young couple, I find the relationships more transactional, even though they claim love to be the base for their relationship.
Do you ever feel exhausted and overwhelmed when you spend time with your partner? If yes, that is definitely a sign of an unhealthy and non-nourishing relationship. It looks like your partner could be emotionally draining you.
Now, the question is, how would you be able to tell if that is right or wrong? If you want sure signs, here are five that highlight whether or not your partner is emotionally draining you.

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You worry too much about your partner
I tie this to the trust factor in the relationships. If you trust, then you do not worry. If every waking moment of your daily life is filled with a tremendous amount of concern for your partner, you are always thinking about what he/she is doing, and the unpredictability of your relationship status gives you nightmares. You might waste a lot of time on unpleasant thoughts that focus solely on your partner and your relationship. If this happens too often, it is a sure sign of being emotionally drained by your partner.
You start avoiding meeting your partner
If you have started to find excuses to postpone meetings with your partner, maybe you really do need to self-analyse and take some time away. You might as well consider the justifications behind it. If you are no longer excited to meet up with your partner, my typical response would be that “the honeymoon phase of your relationship is over.” But, if you avoid any chance to spend time with your partner just because you dread conversations that will bring out nagging, criticism and complaints, then this is another sign of being emotionally drained.
You start loving being alone
I’m firm believer in me-time and teach this in all my classes and to all my students/clients. This is a very healthy practice, and it is totally reasonable to have some time to yourself. However, if you are always wanting to be alone and away, rather than being with your partner, something is obviously wrong. If you feel happier spending time alone and only feel at ease that way, then you definitely need some time alone. This is in human nature. But, if you always want to be far away, it might mean there is something you or your partner do when you are together that drives you away. It means that you are emotionally drained.
You are constantly drained
Sometimes we don’t realize how draining a relationship can be. It’s not only romantic relationships that can drain you, but all sorts. Something is wrong if a simple interaction with your partner tires you out and you feel like a herd of oxen just stampeded over you, or like a battery without charge. Spending too much of your energy giving and thinking only about your relationship could leave you worn out physically and emotionally. Your mind may feel like it is crashing, and it is unable process any more of whatever your partner says. If you invest too much attention in your partner, giving without ever receiving back, it would surely drain you emotionally.
You feel shelved and unappreciated
If you feel shelved and unappreciated that might be because it’s true. When you are in a healthy relationship, both of you build emotional well being for each other by giving attention, care and support. You draw emotional strength from such a pool when you need it. However, opposite to this, if you feel that you do not receive the kind of support, care and appreciation you need from your partner, then your relationship is most likely draining you out emotionally.
In any idea scenario, a healthy relationship should never make you dull and fragile after every meet up. Instead, it should fill up your emotional pool. Every so often, the people you love the most do the most damage to you. So, it is important to take notice of what is healthy and what is not in any relationship. If you have the knowledge then only, you can take the necessary steps to change/improve the relationship into one that nourishes you or make a decision that it is time to leave it behind.

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