5 Ways of Finding Your Career Path | Career Astrology

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5 Ways of Finding Your Career Path | Career Astrology

One of the most important decisions we need to make in life has to do with our career. In India, parents used to make career-related decisions for their children in earlier times, and even now, some parents follow this practice. Usually, they prefer their children to pursue either medicine or engineering. Today, civil services and MBA, too, are regarded as good options. Sometimes, children fall in with their parents’ wishes and pursue a career path that has already been laid out for them since their school days and sometimes since the day they were born. They may also make the serendipitous discovery that the career path chosen for them by their parents is the right one. In which case, all ends well. 

But what if the career horoscope turns out to be wrong? It can only lead to misery and a life of unfulfilled purpose, unrealized dreams, and unexplored talents and possibilities. Such people may have to lead mediocre and unsatisfied lives, not able to discover or develop their hidden talents and find success and happiness doing what they love to do or pursue their true passions. What a sad waste of potential!

But there is no need to despair. If you are feeling unsure about your career path, there is always Career Astrology to throw light on it. Your horoscope holds the key to your true career path. 

Let’s see 5 ways in which you can find your career path. 

Your Midheaven (MC) and its aspects

 Medium Coeli or MC (meaning Middle Sky) represents your career path.. You can find it at the top of your birth chart. It signifies what your end goal would be, provided you fulfill your true purpose. It’s also the impact you make on the world when you do your job “correctly” in your current lifetime.

If you have Leo on the MC, you can be a leader or initiate a new endeavor. Aspects to the MC may be of help, or they may hinder you. An example of a positive aspect to MC would be Moon trine MC. It speaks of a strong inner desire to achieve a career goal. Achieving it will fulfill you emotionally.

A negative aspect would be Pluto Square Midheaven. In this case, you may experience power struggles with authority figures. You will not get along with bosses or managers. So it will be hard for you to advance in your career.
Your Midheaven is your legacy — how will you be remembered for what you did?

Second House Cusp Ruler and Occupying Planets

The 2nd House signifies personal values and material possessions. The things you value and what you want to gain from a career go together. So, if you desire material security (Taurus as the cusp ruler, or Venus in the 2nd), you would seek a career that will pay well. And if Mars is in your 2nd House, you will be willing to work hard for it. If you have Uranus is in the 2nd House, you will seek a career or that will give you a lot of personal freedom, like a traveling salesman or a freelancer.

North Node Sign, House placement, and its Aspects

Your North Node represents the lessons you need to learn in this lifetime that will fulfill your karmic destiny. If it falls on your MC, you are lucky because your career path and prestige will be very important to you. If your North Node positively aspects your MC, the effect will be the same. The House your North node occupies may or may not reveal your career path. If it is placed in a work-oriented house (6th) or career (10th), the impact will be more than its placement in the 4th House, which represents home and family.

North node is sometimes called the True Node, but it is your life path. It may not indicate exactly what you should be doing, but it’s like how your highest self works best in your current life.

Your South Node, the opposite sign of your North Node, represents what you have to release and move away from in your current life, rather like what you’re not meant to do. If your South Node is in Libra, and North Node is in Aries, it means you are supposed to be independent (an entrepreneur), and you should not work with a partner or under someone else, which happen to be Libra qualities.

Your North Node can reveal how you best work when you’re fulfilling your purpose. It’s how you progress in your chosen career. If your North Node is in Aries, it may not mean that you should pursue work on your own. It only means that as a leader, you’ll be fiery, singular, and independent. You might be a hands-off boss to a company that has hundreds of employees. Or, you might be a freelance artist. 

Your Saturn Sign and House

Where your Saturn is placed reveals your doubts and fears. For instance, Saturn in Leo has fears about self-expression. So this can pose a hurdle for you, and you will need to work on it. For this reason, you may actually want to do it professionally or for money. If your Saturn occupies the 3rd House, you may have had learning problems in elementary school. Perhaps you had a speech impediment or had difficulty in writing. By understanding the challenges here, you will be able to help others overcome such hurdles.

The Tenth House 

On the astrology wheel, the 10th House signifies career, long-term goals, public image, and fame. The 10th House and the planets residing there permanently or transiting through it will tell you what to expect from your work and career.
If your Sun is in the 10th House, it might mean that you are career-oriented. Your career is what lights up your life. Your 10th House planets indicate the skills we are born with, but also what’s occurring in real-time as planets transit through the sky.

If you are undergoing a major Pluto Transit through your 10th House, it can cause an upheaval and change your career totally. If you have Jupiter there, it can mean more money via a raise or new clients.

If you are looking for a good career astrologer, you can find one online. Get help from the best career astrologers in India to find your true career path and fulfill your purpose on earth.

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