7 is a Big Difference Between Justice League 2017 and snyders Cut

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7 is a Big Difference Between Justice League 2017 and snyders Cut

This Film is the answer to the prayers of the fans of the movie DCEU . For 4 years, they have conducted a campaign demanding Warner Bros. to release a Justice League version of Snyder's. The original version has been broadcast in movie theaters lot of make fans disappointed. The Film was originally also belgië Snyder. However, in the middle of one priority, Snyder was forced to retreat after the tragedy happened in his family. So Snyder exited, Warner appoint the director of The Avengers , Joss Whedon, to continue the project.

However, the results of the work Whedon that it makes many fans of the DCEU disappointed. The Film was also sag at the box office. As a result, fans were demanding Warner to release a version of the original Snyder. Whedon allegedly changed a lot of original material from Snyder. He also re-wrote 80 pages of material that movie. Filming of the movie was also performed.

At the request of many fans, Warner eventually released the Justice League version Snyder is on HBO Go. Snyder a lot of added scenes that are unused in the original version. He also did a little filming reset to enrich the story of this film. Different from the version in the cinema, the film's duration is 4 hours. So what are the different version of Snyder's version of the cinema? The following reviews GenSINDO !

1. The opening scene
In versions of cinema, the film opens with a scene of a group of children that asks the meaning of the S symbol on the chest of Superman and how it feels to live on Earth. In version Snyder, Justice League also opens with a scene of Superman. However, here, Superman appeared in the form of a flashback of his death at the end of Batman v Superman. He howled and his screams could be heard all over the world. Screams this turn on the Mother Box that triggered the invasion of Steppenwolf.

2. The story background of the Cyborg is long

In the version that aired in the cinema, not much is revealed from the story the background of Victor Stone. However, in version Snyder, a story about how Victor become Cyborg spelled out with more length with detail enough. Here, told how the family of Victor and what he was doing before becoming a Cybog. Narrated, Victor had an accident that killed his mother. This accident also almost took his life, but his father, Silas, do experiments to him which turned him into a Cyborg.

3. Silas Stone

Silas is one of the principal scientists in the STAR. Duties oversee the plane Kryptonian and the Mother Box found many years ago. In the Justice League version Snyder, Silas take care of the Mother Box. He even locked himself with it when Steppenwolf come. However, there is a difference between the version of cinema and version Snyder related to this scene.

Version of cinema is not uncover the scene where Silas lock him along with the Mother Box when Steppenwolf comes to STAR. In this version, Silas never find the Mother Box and Steppenwolf kidnaps the MacGuffin. The Justice League then be able to find it. Hence, Silas stay alive in this version. He then worked together with Victor to upgrade the body of a cyborg of his.

In version Snyder, Silas locked himself in a room with the Mother Box. When Steppenwolf came, he sacrificed himself by giving a little touch of the scientific. The Justice League then able to trace the Mother Box that is taken away Steppenwolf it.










4. Darkseid

In versions of cinema, Darkseid never alluded to and not even reveal itself. In fact, when the beginning of the film became the talk, there is news that call if Darkseid will be the main enemies and appear in the Justice League. In fact, in 2017, Darkseid seem to stem his nose. In this film, the main enemy of the heroes of the DC this is the Steppenwolf. In fact, in the comics, Steppenwolf operates only as a child of the fruit of Darkseid. Somehow in this movie, Darkseid is not raised.

In version Snyder, Darkseid has an important role. The marketing team even use this figure as the main material of their promotions. In the movie, Darkseid also appeared with Desaad, figures other evil of Apokolips. Darkseid here is not only ruled the Steppenwolf in the timeline of the time, but he also appears in place of the Steppenwolf in the flashback when he fought against the warrior Amazons, Atlanteans and humans banish the alien invasion. These changes make the motivation Steppenwolf invades Earth is more complicated. He not only conquered the Earth for the sake of pleasure, but he did it for the sake of Darkseid in order to get back to its former glory.

5. Steppenwolf

Design Steppenwolf between Justice League 2017 and 2021 different. Although played the same person, but his appearance is not the same. Version 2017 show Steppenwolf with leather look from the face to the neck. The costume was colored black. While, the version of the Snyder featuring Steppenwolf with a more modern design. There is no longer wearing a skirt. His body wrapped in a costume sort of metal that is able to move on their own. From his entire body, only his face that is not wrapped in a costume that metal.

In addition, in the version of 2017, when dealing with Superman, fear Steppenwolf appeared. In this version, the Parademon become dayang Steppenwolf able to smell his fear and interested at that time. When Steppenwolf defeated, Parademon was just swarmed her. The Boom Tube and then appeared and suck them into space.

In this version anyway, Whedon described how the Parademon is interested in fear. In fact, Batman using a criminal to attract Parademon so she can catch it and study it.

However, it all doesn't occur in version Snyder. In this version, the death of Steppenwolf different and far more rugged. Here, the Justice League will not only stop the action of Steppenwolf, but also kill him. Aquaman him with a trident and Wonder Woman cut off his head. Meanwhile, the Parademon in this version is only depicted as a lady, not a spreader of fear.

6. Mustache Superman

One of the problems with Superman in the version of cinema is when Henry Cavill—cast—back to filming, she refused to shave his mustache. Because at the same time, he engaged the production of Mission: Impossible that requires the characters mustache. This means that the production team had to do a digital transformation by removing his moustache in every scene in Justice League. Editing a mustache that's often seen. Bahhkan, become a serious problem. When the scene Superman threatens Batman, this scene being a major embarrassment for the DCEU. However, in version Snyder, this problem does not exist. Superman appear with the face smooth without editing digital.

7. Scene cover

In versions of cinema, there is a scene pascakredit featuring Lex Luthor who recruits Deathstroke to create a team of super villains. This scene still appear in the version of Snyder, just makes no difference. From the dialogue in these scenes, it seems, the scene is made to be the basis of the film solo Batman version of Ben Affleck, not Justice League 2.

In addition, Snyder also added the ending scenes that show the future of Kngihtmare in a dream Batman. In the dream, Superman is transformed into the evil and help Darkseid conquer the Earth. Batman recruiting a group of people consisting of pahlawna and criminals to fight it. When Bruce wakes up from his sleep, he then saw Martian Manhunter came to his house. He congratulated all at once warns Bruce that Darkseid is still a great threat for the Earth.

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