8 Vastu ideas for the main door

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8 Vastu ideas for the main door

In Vastu, the main door is very important, as it is an entry point for family members, visitors, and also energy. Positive energy will enter the house only if the main door is in the correct direction, says Vastu Shastra. As people enter the house from outside through the main door, it is a transition zone. Happiness and good fortune enter the house through it. It is what allows or prevents the cosmic energy flow that creates wealth, health, and harmony. An elegant main door also creates a good impression.

Vastu Shastra lays down many prescriptions and rules for how the main door of a house should be. Let us take a look at 8 Vastu ideas for your main door.

Direction of the main door

The main door must be in the north, north-east, east, or west direction. These directions are seen as auspicious. It should not be in the south, south-west, north-west (north side), or south-east (east side) directions. If your door is in the south or south-west, it can be rectified by using a lead metal pyramid and lead helix. If it is in the north-west, a brass pyramid and a brass helix can be used to correct it. A copper helix can be used if the door is in the south-east direction.

The main door needs to be bigger than all the other doors in the house. Also, it should open in a clockwise direction. Do not have three doors in a line that are parallel to the main door. This is regarded as a major Vastu defect. It could even affect your happiness.

The best material for the main door

For the main door, wood is the best material, as per Vastu. It is believed to be very auspicious. But if your main door is located in the south direction, the door needs to be a combination of wood and metal. If the door is in the west, metal work is advisable. Silver color is best for a main door in the north direction. If the main door is in the east, use wood. It can be decorated with a few metal accessories.

Visibility of the main door

According to Vastu Shastra, the main door should be visible, attractive, and can be easily identified. You can add your house number or your name to make the main door stand out. A simple nameplate is better than fancy engravings.

The main door should be seven feet in height, and the width must be at least three ft. Big doors can attract more energy into the house. Short doors must be avoided. The rest of the doors in your house must be shorter. Do not use the back door as the main entrance. But your servants and other staff can use it.

Decorating the area around the main door

If the area around the main entrance is clean, it can attract positive energy. Ensure that no dustbins, stools, or broken chairs are present near the main door. The area around the main door should be well-lit. Do not keep a mirror opposite the main entrance. If it reflects the main door, it means the energy will bounce back.

Green plants may be used to decorate the entrance. Torans can be used too. Fountains, animal statues, other figures should not be placed near the main door. Use decorative hanging bells as they can attract positive vibes.

There must be a threshold for the main door. It could be of marble or wood. As per Vastu, it can absorb negative vibes so that only positive energy will pass through. The main door can be decorated with religious symbols like Om, the cross, swastika, etc. Drawing rangolis on the floor is believed to attract good fortune and add auspiciousness. It attracts Goddess Lakshmi and emits positive vibes. It can also ward off evil. To make the rangoli, use colored powder, Geru (brown earth powder), turmeric powder, limestone powder, rice flour, flower petals, etc.

Avoid shoe racks

In many homes, shoe racks are placed close to the main door. It is convenient as they can remove their shoes and keep them away soon after entering the home. But this should be avoided. Avoid keeping dustbins and broken furniture close to the main door.

Attract prosperity

Keep a glass pot filled with water and flower petals near the main entrance. Water being a bad conductor of negative energy, it can keep your home and family members in good health. Also, stick some stickers of Lakshmi’s feet at the entrance.


The main door must open at 90 degrees, and there should be no obstacles in the way. It must open in a clockwise direction. The hinges must be oiled regularly, and the door accessories should also be polished. Chipped or broken wood, missing screws, etc., should not be seen at the entrance. Remove extra nails.


A nameplate is a must on the main door. If the door is in the west or north direction, a metal nameplate is ideal. If the door is in the east or south direction, use a wooden nameplate. It can be placed on the left side of the door, as it is believed to be more auspicious.

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