Buy The ASUS Vivobook Core I3-5005U - ASUS Certified Refurbished

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Publish Date : 2020-08-26 12:51:26

Buy The ASUS Vivobook Core I3-5005U - ASUS Certified Refurbished

The ASUS refurbished Vivobook Core i3 is everything a common user needs in daily life for generic computing tasks and credible functionality. If you are a budget buyer, the ASUS Vivobook core i3 serves as an essential laptop that may fulfill everything with what it holds. Core i3 laptops have been in the tech game for longer time now and have solved many digital complexities with its genuine power and consistent flow.  

Good thing, the refurbished ASUS Vivobook stands just at £388.99, which means you can buy it under the 400-tier budget. This budget is the best suitable option for people who can't afford even normal laptops. ASUS has now made it easier and flexible to buy their core i3 laptops with the latest refurbished core i3 deals you can find at ASUS UK store.  Whether you are a school student or a college go-er, or maybe a general everyday employee this refurbished laptop can be the best affordable choice to make. 


  • Processor: (5th Gen) Intel Core i3 | 5005U | 2.0 GHz  

  • RAM: 4GB, Storage: 1TB HDD 

  • Display: 15.6-inch screen - Full HD Resolution (1920 x 1080) 

  • GPU: Integrated Graphics Intel HD 5500  

  • OS: Windows 10 | Home 64-bit 

The Best Factor of Buying a Refurbished Version 

Refurbished laptops are the one which are highly preferred by one circle, while the other circle might doubt on how well it can perform or is it even qualified to the standards. But, with the latest technology awareness many people are now more focused towards getting a more powerful laptop in refurbished form rather than giving the same price and buying a brand-new laptop for low specs.  

With this one specifically, the ASUS Vivobook core i3 isn't only tested by expertise ASUS team, but also gets the certification from an authentic refurbisher. You can checkout many ASUS refurbished laptops on UK ASUS store with authorized deals and certified registered laptops. Not only you get it in low price, but it also offers extra warranty period exclusively for refurbished versions. These laptops are being offered with 1 to 3 years of extended warranties which makes them worth buying. You can just neglect stressing about any future issues and buy the refurbished ASUS Vivobook core i3 laptop without a doubt. 

Highlights of ASUS Vivobook core i3 

Lightweight & Portable: The ASUS Vivobook core i3 isn't only lightweight but one of the durable portable devices that you can depend on while travelling with your daily digital load. The lightweight and solid chassis with brushed metal finishing gives it a premium look yet a light handy design, encouraging to go out and about everywhere with it. 

Ergonomic Keyboard: The style of ergonomic hinge is always a comfortable choice for many typing experts and general users. It allows the keyboard usage to be simple and easily bendable with its ergonomically styled keyboard. ASUS Vivobook contains a full-sized chiclet keyboard with an enhanced back assembly. The 1.4mm of key travel makes it easy to type with a minimal key float so you also get a solid feel while pressing the keys. 

Fast Connectivity with USB C: This Vivobook also includes Type C USB cable for utmost faster and easier connections with a speed of up to 5 Gbit/s.  You can easily transfer a more than 2GB movie or file with a swifter speed from its other USB ports as well such as USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 ports.  

The Best Cooling Technology: With ASUS Vivobook core i3, you cannot worry about the system heating, especially regarding the fans cooling. This Vivobook provides an Ice cooling technology which is used to prevent any type of heat for several hours. The palm rest surface is kept up to 35°C temperature to sustain the extra heating while system operates. 

Colour Modes: In this Vivobook, ASUS has five Splendid technology modes that are used to tone the colour accuracy and temperature correction. It also reproduces the colour richness and deepens them if there is any need with its four visual modes. 

1TB HDD: ASUS provides incredible option for storage in such lower price where you get 1 TB of external storage for the hard drive that makes this system easier for multitasking. The combination of dual storage option with 4GB RAM suits well with most of the applications or programs one might run in daily life.  

Free Office Subscription with Certified Refurbished Laptop 

If you haven't heard the best news of the season yet, the refurbished ASUS laptops these days also offer a free Microsoft Office 365 subscription. If you purchase the refurbished ASUS Vivobook core i3, you get complete setup of MS Office with all its additional applications including teams, word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, Outlook, Exchange, Team, OneNote*, 1TB OneDrive Storage, and SharePoint. 

Bottom Line – The Best Deal to Capture  

The ASUS Vivobook core i3 is the credible option for people who like their laptops for a basic operational level. Plus, the refurbished version already provides a double tested device which you can get in lower price and enjoy the exact same benefits.  

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