Godzilla vs Kong (Millie Bobby Brown) forbids the youngest!

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Publish Date : 2021-03-24 15:19:11

Godzilla vs Kong (Millie Bobby Brown) forbids the youngest!

Movies shoots are gradually resuming since certain countries are deconfining themselves. Adam Wingard's Godzilla vs Kong is one of them. On the other hand, the youngest may be disappointed given that it has just been ratified PG-13 in the US . Understand that it is forbidden to under 13 years old.



This is what our colleagues from Jeux Actu know . The latter, making it known that the reason remains obvious given that the film promises to be "destructive". At the same time, when we know that two huge beasts are going to fight a merciless battle , we can understand this "course of action".

Despite a movie filled with fighting, that's not to say that Godzilla vs Kong is n't going to be serious, quite the opposite. In any case, this is what Adam Wingard wanted to know about his "baby":

 “  Godzilla vs Kong is a serious movie . As epic and crazy as this concept is, I want viewers to feel emotionally connected. Not only human characters but also monsters. I want you to have tears in your eyes at the end ”

It remains to be seen whether we will manage to have the famous teardrop seeing the two titans face off in Godzilla vs Kong .

Actress Kim Raver is delighted to find Sarah Drew in the sequel to season 17 of Grey's Anatomy! We tell you everything.

Kim Rever is delighted with the return of Sarah Drew in season 17 of Grey's Anatomy! MCE TV gives you more details.

After a long winter break, the medical series Grey's Anatomy is finally back. Fans were therefore able to discover the brand new unpublished episodes of season 17. 

We have also witnessed the death of an emblematic character of the series. Indeed, fans had to bid farewell to Andrew DeLuca.

But fans will soon find another character who has long marked the series. It is indeed the character of April Kepner, played by Sarah Drew.

But for the moment, impossible to know more about the return of the young woman. We only know that she will appear in an episode of season 17 of Grey's Anatomy. 

Besides, the actors of the series keep the secret. Kim Raver confessed to ET that she couldn't give away anything about her sidekick's return.

You should know that Sarah Drew played in the series for 9 seasons. Before leaving her at the end of Season 14.

At the time, Krista Vernoff decided to part ways with the actress to keep only 10 recurring actors. For her, she had to make this choice in order to continue to invite stars to the show. 

“Guests are often the key to keeping things cool,” she explained. 3 seasons after her departure, Sarah Drew is therefore making her comeback in the medical series. 

Actress Kim Raver is best known for portraying Teddy Altman in the Grey's Anatomy series. Moreover, the young actress is delighted with the return of Sarah Drew in the show.

The young woman explains that with this complicated year that the actors lived, they needed a ray of hope in the show. And who better than Sarah Drew to brighten up the show?

“Sarah Drew is a real ray of sunshine. She is so talented and so gifted. He's a great person. "  Says Kim Raver Katie Krause. Moreover, the young actress salutes Krista Vernoff for her work. 

She finds it incredible how the screenwriter was able to bring back a character like Sarah Drew's . We also wonder what his character will be able to bring to the plot of Grey's Anatomy. 

You should know that April Kepner and Jackson Avery have a daughter together. We therefore wonder if the couple will not reform with the return of the young woman.

Kim Raver remains very mysterious about the rest of the series. But she promises that the next episodes will be rich in twists and surprises!

“All I can say is this season has been amazing. We are really lucky. » Concludes the young actress without saying more. We are therefore eager to discover the rest. Case to follow.

Plus belle la vie: Boher traps Angelique to access her computer!

Boher continues his investigation in Plus belle la vie. More determined than ever, he intends to access Angelique's computer.

Jean-Paul Boher has not said his last word in Plus belle la vie . He then decides to trap Angelique to access the content of her computer . MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

The next episodes of Plus belle la vie promise to be rich in twists and turns. And for good reason, everything accelerates then . Something to delight fans of suspense therefore.

Indeed, for some time now, Boher has been at the center of all questions . And the latter does not intend to stop there. It must be said that the investigation is far from over.

Between mysteries, secrets and twists and turns , things get complicated in Plus belle la vie . Eh yes !

And for good reason, the police lieutenant confessed everything to Patrick . For her part, Léa seemed to be on serious tracks. The young woman noticed the presence of a file dating from January 8 on Angelique's computer.

But the latter explains that it is then unsorted photos. But later, Léa found sheets of the same date. In reality this day corresponds to the disappearance of Samia.

In short, Boher then intends to trap Angelique to retrieve the information from her computer. The next episode of Plus belle la vie could therefore reveal great secrets. MCE TV tells you more! * Warning Spoilers *

Jean-Paul Boher is convinced that Angélique is involved in Samia's disappearance . He then decides to take action in Plus belle la vie .

Thus, the latter offers Leah to create a diversion while he digs into his computer . The next day, Angélique surprises Macher who attacks Berger.

For his part, Macher learns that his colleague confided in Jean-Paul about Samia . He then twists her wrist. Once the lieutenant arrives at the municipal police, Macher therefore claims that Berger is in the emergency room because he tripped on a sidewalk.

Subsequently, Lea notices that Angelica is not in good shape . She then explains that she does not get along with her colleagues in Plus belle la vie .

To change their minds, they will go karting. At the same time, Jean-Paul enters Angélique's home with the help of Abel . They then find the password for his computer.

Serious things therefore begin in Plus belle la vie. Jean-Paul then opens the file dated January 8 which contains CCTV images of Samia .

But in reality, these are protected by a code. So, when Angelique returns home with Leah, Boher then tries to confront his colleague about Samia .

The sequel to Plus belle la vie therefore looks very promising. This story then seems far from over. To be continued.

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