Hard to believe, it took 12 years to paint this Milky Way galaxy

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Hard to believe, it took 12 years to paint this Milky Way galaxy

Metzvainio started the project in 2009. This is a 1.7 megapixel mosaic. The power of insurance is 234 individual images put together. The resulting mass captures the entire galaxy, with about 20 million of the estimated 200 billion stars in the Milky Way.

The whole Milky Way, JP As Metzvainio imagined. Photo / JP Metzwainio / Space.com

The question is, how can a film last for 12 years? In his blog, Metzvainio shows the size of the mosaic and the depth of the image. Another reason is that I photograph most of the mosaic frames as individual songs and publish them as independent artwork.

Still on his blog , writing space.com , includes information about the different cameras on Metzvainio and some of the special techniques he uses to create these images.

Some celestial bodies in the Milky Way need more exposure than others because some appear dull and hard. For example, supernova residue requires more than 60 hours of exposure, he explained on the blog.

While the overall picture is stunning, there are many “hidden gems” that you can find in this mosaic due to the detail that Metsavino captured. This complete image fragment shows the beauty of celestial bodies such as the California Nebula, the Pelican Nebula, the Witch's Nebula and many more.

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The mysterious Boyajian star in the Milky Way has twins

Since its discovery several years ago, the star of Boyajian has been found
Milky Way
has been an interesting mystery. Stars undergo a dimming that astronomers still can't explain.

Regarding the claim that the dimming was caused by aliens, the object became more popular as the "Alien Megastructure" star. Unfortunately, aliens have not been found around this star, but astronomers have found ample evidence of something else.
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The Boyajian star, discovered by Dr Tabetha Boyajian, appears to have a twin, KIC 8462852 B, as detailed in a paper published in The Astrophysical Journal.

Fellow star this was known from the first observations, but now researchers have gathered enough data to claim it is a binary system, a system in which two astronomical bodies are so close to their gravitational pull that they cause them to orbit each other.

Don't look at the Aldeferon, Moon, Mars and Alteferon triple link tonight

While waiting for the romantic soap opera to begin, fans of the soap opera character Ikatan Cinda, Aldebaran , take a quick look at the phenomenon of the sky in the parallel form of the Moon , Tuesday and Aldebaran, who will be present this afternoon.

Andy Pangerang, Researcher, National Center for Aeronautics and Space Science (LABAN), Today, March 19, 2021 Colleague Three Happened between these three celestial bodies.

You can see this celestial phenomenon from the end of the sea twilight 42 minutes after sunset.

Try to find the appearance. Link to the Moon. The moon's height is 45 degrees and the angle of separation is 3.97 degrees northwest of Mars and Aldebaran.

The moon is connected to Aldebron at a separation angle of 7.04 degrees, thus forming a triangular fusion between the Moon, Mars and Aldeferon," he explained.

He noted that the last appearance of these three connections occurred at 22:20 local time in a west-northwest direction with the Mars-moon separation angle of 3.00 degrees and the moon-Pilates separation angle of 6.18 degrees.

"After 20 minutes, three celestial bodies were on the horizon," he said.

Meanwhile, the peak of the Moon-Mars connection will occur on March 20 at 02.18 WIB with a separation angle of 1.94 degrees. Moon and Mars will accompany Aldebaran to decorate the night sky.

NASA / Science / Jose Mettenas Aldebaran is the brightest star in the constellation Taurus. The bright yellow star in this photo is Aldebaran.

What is Aldebaran?

Aldebaran Star The fourteenth brightest after Agrook and is located in the constellation or Astrological sign of Taurus.

Andy Bankerang, Researcher at the National Aeronautics and Space Science Center (LABAN), said that the name Aldebaran comes from Arabic. Al-Tabaran.

Al-Tabaran means “scouts or followers” ​​and refers to the appearance of the stars following Plato's cluster (Messier 45).

The brightness of the display varies from +0.75 to +0.95, with an average brightness of +0.86.

According to Andy, in the information he wrote on the Laban science education page, Aldebaran was arranged in the K5lll spectrum class, which indicates that the star is a red giant star.

65 light years from the Aldebaran Sun is 44 times the size of the Sun. However, it is 16 percent more mass than the sun.

Aldebaran is located north of the equator (Ascensionorecta, Fall) 04 hours 35 minutes 55.24 seconds and +16 degrees 30 '33, 49 ". Do not miss this evening, namely the three links of the Moon, Mars and Aldebaran.

The Apollo 11 mission to the Moon was in danger of ending life on Earth

Both members of the NASA team are currently senior astronauts. Clover has carried out two space missions since arriving at the space station in November. This is the third time.

Robbins previously made his first orbit in space on the space station in 2016, so this is also his third time.

If Sunday space travel sounds better than previous space travels - especially considering what happened over the weekend - that's fine. But Kenny Todd, deputy director of the International Space Station program, said at a press conference Wednesday: "This is not a real project from Monday to Friday."

Robbins and Clover will prepare for upcoming Solar Kit upgrades by integrating and installing modifiers.

While the current solar power station lines still perform better, they are a shame. This defect is estimated to be only 15 years old and appeared in December 2000 - so it is said to have exceeded the warranty period.

The new solar panels will be placed in front of six existing stations by the end of this year, which will increase the production power from 160 kilowatts to 215 kilowatts, NASA said. The launch of solar panels to the space station aboard the SpaceX spacecraft will begin in June.

In outer space, Robin will be Crew Member 1 in the red striped suit and Crew Clover 2 in the striped suit.

Robins will travel with astronaut Sochi Nokuchi on March 5 to complete a number of tasks, including removing ammonia from the initial ammonia system, replacing the radio video transmitter and receiver assembly, and installing "amplifiers" in the room. Thermal blanket. Search. This will prevent the lid from bursting as the atmosphere escapes each time the hole is opened.

This is the flight number. History of Station 235.

From Earth to Space
Earlier this week, Vice President Kamala Harris phoned Glover On the space station.
Harris said, “Victor, nice to meet you. You really made history. We are very proud of you. "

Clover is the first African-American to lead a long-term space station mission around laboratory history.

During their conversation, Harris and Clover discussed who came before Clover and pushed him away.

"I thought a lot about work," said Clover. “The seven people here are part of an extraordinary human extraterrestrial tradition. This is a time we have to celebrate, we should respect it the most, but what excites me the most is the future of human space travel and it will be the future. To do. "

Harris agrees. “My mother used to tell me, 'Kamala, you may have done a lot from the start. Make sure you are not the last.

When asked about the first two space missions and their perspectives on Earth, Harris said he would follow advice from fellow team members: “Keep your world small, keep your focus on what's in front of you and slowly expand. . Cosmic vision. "

When Clover first saw Earth while in space, he said he wanted to have fun watching it for hours on end. But he is focused on the many tasks ahead, and the place is “busy and beautiful”.

Clover spoke about how fragile the Earth is from outer space, especially its thin atmosphere and "how important human life is on this planet".


"I want to do everything in my power to protect it," said Clover.

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