How to get rid of the ants in the kitchen

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How to get rid of the ants in the kitchen

If you once let ants crawl around in the kitchen, you know that they will soon change from occasional troubles to persistent pests. Although these small animals are small, they cause great inconvenience in preparing food, not to mention an unpleasant food space. Although removing ants from the kitchen seems to be a difficult task, some family repulsion solutions, coupled with heavy ant bait, can drive these animals out of your home forever.

Observing ants

Correctly identifying ants wandering in the kitchen is a very important first step in correcting ant problems. This is because there are many different types of ants, and they all have different habits and behaviors, which affects the treatment needed to deal with them. Look at the ants in your kitchen and pay attention to their characteristics. Some characteristics to look for are their size and color. The ants in the kitchen are probably pharaoh ants or sidewalk ants, but they may be of different types. Once you know some characteristics of ants, do some online research, correctly determine the type of ants in your kitchen, and recommend some of the best methods to control ants.

Find the ant's entrance

Follow the ants who have been in your house for a few minutes to find out where they entered your house. Look at the windows, doorways, and cracks on the floor inside the house. You can also see the doorways, windows, siding, and accent lights outside the house. If ants enter and exit through these points, pay attention to these areas in your cleaning work to ensure that ants will not enter through these points.

Find the ant nest

Once you have identified a trail and an entry point for ants to enter your home, try to notice the traces of ants coming out of your house. You will find that they all follow the same path. That's because when they entered your home, they left a scented path for other members of the colony to follow. It’s not always easy to find the ant’s nest, but if you’ve located the ant’s location, you can spray the anthill with venom, or by inducing ants in your home to bring the poison back to the nest, killing the ant colony.

Solve the problem of ants

Remove traces of ants. Even if you see an ant at home, you are more likely to see more. This is because ants leave traces anywhere in the trip, and other ants can smell their smell and follow them. If you are just mopping or sweeping the floor, this is not enough to eliminate the traces of ants. This trail is a trace of pheromone, it can't just be swept away, it needs to be removed with some disinfectant cleaner. Instead, mix half vinegar and half water in a spray bottle, then cover all the kitchen surfaces with the spray mixture. Be sure to target the area where you have seen ants crawling before. Remember, this spray mixture will not kill ants already in your house. This simply erases the traces of these ants, so new, external ants cannot follow their pheromone traces inside. You can also use bleach instead of vinegar instead of spray liquid. The most important part of the spray solution is a sterile cleanser to eliminate ant marks.

Use soapy water to drive out ants

Fill a plastic sprayer with a bottle of liquid soap and water. Shake the bottle and let the soap and water mix together. Then, whenever you see the ants in the kitchen, spray the mixture on the ants. Wait about 5 minutes to wipe it clean, because once the ants stop moving, it will be easier to clean up your counter. You can also use bar soap as your soap additive: scrape off a few ounces of soap and add to about one liter of water. Then microwave the water and soap flakes to melt the soap and add it to the spray bottle. This method is safe for children and pets because it does not contain pesticides and can be used to drive away insects in your plants in your garden.

Use lemons to repel ants

Mix 1 cup of lemon juice and 4 cups of warm water in a large container. Then dip a mixture of cleaning cloth in the mixture and wipe off your counter, the interior of the cabinets and cupboards, the top of the refrigerator, around the kitchen window, and any other ants that might crawl around in your kitchen. The smell of citrus can drive ants away. As we all know, orange peel and cucumber peel have the same repelling effect. You can also mop the floor with this solution, but be sure to mop the area on the ground particularly where ants are most likely to enter your home.

Use spices and herbs to drive out ants

Spread some ground around the area where ants might enter (windows, doorways, etc.), but also around the edge of your counter and where you usually see ants. The smell of cinnamon is a mosquito repellent, but it also brings a spicy fragrance to your kitchen. You can also spray other spices and herbs to stop the ants: black pepper, chili, cloves, garlic, bay leaves, mint leaves, basil leaves.

Use dry diatomite to expel ants. Observe the places with the most ants seen around your kitchen. If you see ants on the edge of the kitchen, on the walls, on the edges of floors and footboards, or along with the windows, you can apply dry diatomite to these areas.

Use wet diatomaceous earth to expel ants

Note that if the ants move in a larger, flatter area, rather than around the edges and cracks of the kitchen. If they have been hovering around your wall, you should use the wet DE application. Follow the instructions listed on the spray bottle and use the spray bottle to target a larger area, such as a wall, where you have seen ants traveling there.


The above is all the content that the editor brings to everyone. Once again, try to track to see if the ants have stopped entering the house together, or have found alternative paths. If, one month after the initial application of wet DE, you can still see the ants, then spray another round of wet DE. DE does not work when wet; when the water in the solution dries and evaporates, it works, leaving a finely divided powder that can stop the growth of ants. The above article is original by the author, welcome to pay attention, like, comment and forward, refill!

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