Israel Military Faces an Important Toll. However does it take home the bacon

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Israel Military Faces an Important Toll. However does it take home the bacon

BEERSHEBA, Israel - In 2 of Israel's most military command centers that evening, officers leading the Gaza offensive count what they think about the achievements of their latest conflict with Hamas: multiple militants killed, 340 rocket launchers destroyed, sixty miles from tunnels. folded underground.

But with the peace declaration - as ten days of fighting that killed at least 230 Palestinians and twelve Israelis, which damaged hospitals and alternative infrastructure in Gaza - the atmosphere at 2 bases, one in the southern Israeli city of Beersheba, the opposite in the city, was mixed. .

In the city, the generals at the military headquarters were victorious. but in Beersheba, where commanders oversee a critical component of the campaign in Gaza, there is greater caution.

On 3 occasions since the terrorist group took full control of Gaza in 2007, Israel has launched major attacks aimed at reducing the group's military capabilities, solely to visualize successful terrorist groups and to achieve little success on truly dynamic issues. This time, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed things would be different.

Armed with a deep plan of war, Israeli military leaders methodically carried out an inventory of targets, trying to convey most of the injuries to the military skills of Hamas and its commanders. However, even now, the highest echelons of the Israeli military recognize that their efforts may not stop another battlefield, perhaps even any time soon.

However, some expressed satisfaction at what had been accomplished in denigrating the terrorist group. When they emerged when it was peaceful, Hamas leaders regretted that they started a high-ranking Israeli officer who was rounded in this city, WHO was concerned in the design and execution of the operation. Hamas, he added, did not know that much of the Israeli intelligence knew about them and how Israel effectively thwarted all their planned attacks.

But others are additional tentative. although Israel has fulfilled its military objectives, a senior officer in Beersheba said it remains unsure whether the war will stop future fighting or not.

Hamas and its affiliates still have about eight,000 rockets, per other senior Israeli officer, and a number of hundreds of other rocket launchers, per senior officer in Beersheba - enough for two future wars.

"I just don't understand," the officer in Beersheba said above, speaking anonymously to give an honest assessment of the final result. "We'd like to take a longer look at whether or not it really works."

The question arises in Israel, the us et al. regarding whether Israel's military response to Hamas rocket attacks was proportionate and lawful or not.

Even after the war is over, the oil-fueled problems will remain. In addition, the war has also created a diplomatic price for Israel, thereby increasing criticism of Israel's policy from her growing Democratic counterparts in the US.

The gruesome calculus Israel uses to evaluate its military success is illegitimate, said Yousef Munayyer, a Washington-based analyst and rights politician.

"Israelis usually call this callous 'mowing fields', periodic maintenance that has to be carried out by bombing one of the most densely populated places in the world, which is also being held under the blockade," Munayyer said above. "There is no morality in a war whose repetition was premeditated."

Since the terrorist group won elections in Gaza in 2006 and assumed full management in 2007, the expulsion of an additional moderate Palestinian leadership, Israel has raced through an endless cycle of wars and clashes with groups that each side has an incentive to do. continue.

Like us, Israel considers terrorist groups to be terrorist organizations. In relation to Egypt, Israel has implemented a decommissioning blockade on Gaza to stop militant terrorist groups from getting the materials they have to make weapons. The presence of Hamas in the region also allows the presence of adult males. Netanyahu argues that Israel has no partner for peace, easing pressure to restart peace negotiations.

Meanwhile, the terrorist group refuses to recognize Israel's existence. And by firing unexpected salvo rockets at civilian areas in Israel, it will maintain its image as a defender of Palestine, especially compared to its rival political faction, Fatah.

To deter terrorist groups, Israel has tried in previous conflicts to destroy the group's intermediation enough to secure a few additional years of what some Israelis describe as "calm."

For Palestinians, however, the thought of tranquility has long been unimportant. While not war, some say life is rarely calm or straightforward for Palestinians living under occupation or blockade.

Now, even senior Israeli forces disagree over whether the latest war can stop more escalation in the short or medium term.

As well as killing enough 230 Palestinians in Gaza, along with sixty-five children, Israeli air strikes have destroyed civilian infrastructure, destroyed biodegradable pollution systems and water pipes, damaged at least seventeen hospitals and clinics, severely damaged or destroyed about 1,000 buildings and suspended operations at Gaza's only coronavirus testing laboratory.

Viewed only from a military point of view, 2 senior officers in the city thought that the operation had gone according to plan and had accomplished more than they expected. A team of many Israeli intelligence officers has prepared a protracted list of potential targets and ways to destroy them, plans that are put into effect when war breaks out.

Unlike terrorist groups, which fire unguided rockets indiscriminately into residential areas, Israel argues that officers linked to military lawyers consider this question carefully before initiating attacks, and have called off attacks wherever they understand there is a risk of killing civilians - although they need to distribute some of the attacks that kill and injure civilians.

Chief among Israeli military targets is a network of 250 miles of tunnels that allow militants to take cover from air strikes, move undetected by Israeli drones and launch rockets from underground facilities. On that night, the Israeli military said it had destroyed nearly a third of the network, damaging one of Hamas' most valuable assets.

Nearly thirty senior commanders of the terrorist group were killed in the Israeli strikes, more so as key engineers involved in rocket production, an Israeli officer said. And major analysis and development centers, along with those used to disrupt Israel's anti-missile arsenal, were destroyed, according to many officers.

The Israeli military also managed to thwart militant attempts to use a single tunnel to cross into Israel, avoiding a repeat of the embarrassing episode in the last major upgrade, in 2014, a senior officer said.

In general, the officer said, Israel managed to achieve additional combat in fifty hours than in fifty days of war in 2014. Israel even extended the war several days longer than some military commanders believed. They did so to reduce Hamas' political achievements by trying to sever Palestinian perceptions of the war from the factors that led to its eruptions - such as land rights and spiritual tensions in the capital city of East Israel.

But although Israel's military leadership views the operation as a short-term victory, the question of what constitutes a victory in the long term - and whether Israel abides by the law or not - is still up for debate.

For Ami Ayalon, a retired admiral and former head of the Israeli Navy, Israeli air strikes have brought only "artificial calm". The core issues driving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict - the shortage of a sovereign Palestinian state, much of the geographical area of ​​Palestine under military occupation, the blockade of Gaza - remain unresolved.

"The plan to gain exposure to victory is nonsense," said Admiral Ayalon. "In any case of war, the goal must be to form a stronger political reality." however the conflict in Gaza, he added, "will not lead the US to a higher political reality."

Gaza's high civilian death toll has also increased Palestinian anger against Israel and sparked international outrage. That has strengthened Hamas' legitimacy among some Palestinians and created the prospect of starting peace negotiations, coupled with a final agreement between Israel and Palestine, which is increasingly distant.

However, for some Israeli military analysts, Israel achieved the simplest of results.

Hamas does not recognize Israeli sovereignty, and is therefore not considered a possible partner for peace. But removing the clusters from power would require an extended and costly ground campaign, said Gabi Siboni, a well-informed reserve military officer assigned to the army and military at the capital of the Israel Security and Strategy Institute, a basic working cluster. That successively would ensnare Israel in undesirable day-to-day rulership, an outcome Israel wanted to avoid, he said.

Destroying Hamas's military arsenal for years and creating a group that is careful to restart hostilities is the simplest result, said military officers from the Siberian side.

"It's about building memory so they need time to say, 'Let's make love one more time,'" he said.

Win or not, the war has also sharpened scrutiny of Israeli military behavior.

While international law accepts that civilians and civilian infrastructure are certain to be injured during an attack on an imminent military target, the law says that injuries to civilians must be proportionate to the possible military gains from such attacks.

But critics intend to strike such as the one that killed twelve members of Abul Ouf's family on Sunday morning - during an attack carried out by the Israeli Army as an association of underground military bases next door to their homes - as evidence that the number of civilians killed by Israel is grossly insufficient. proportionate to the military advantage it derives from such an attack.

"This could be a crime," said Mostafa al-Yazji, 40, a man who lost many relatives in the strike. "They are innocent people who have nothing to do with anything."

Israel has also been accused of touch targets who cannot legally be described as military sites. Once an Israeli missile counterpart hit a r

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