Moral awareness of the Implementation of Health Protocols

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Publish Date : 2021-01-20 01:47:04

Moral awareness of the Implementation of Health Protocols

In two months, it is even more than a year that Covid-19 is said to have “officially” penetrated Indonesia, although previously it was completely denied, supposing that we are a country rich in sunshine and its people are afraid to pray. For almost a year, we have been stuttering the term health protocol so flexibly it has been twisted for various purposes. The most "trending" commotion occurs when an artist with good luck, considered to represent his generation, lined up alongside the president and state officials to receive the first vaccination.

Unfortunately, on the same day health protocols were immediately tarnished: whatever the reason, removing the mask in public is insulting. Obviously there has not been the first 24 hours of vaccination, not to mention the second vaccination which fulfills the body's ability to make immunity, artistic arrogance makes health workers and everyone entitled to receive equal protection. Chased by blasphemy and pressure, as usual, apologies were so easily spoken. But behind all that, there is still "nagging" and self-righteousness in the name of health protocols - which are said to be strictly enforced before entering party houses. An interesting question, what is the health protocol? Rapid antigen test? Wash your hands with a disinfectant splash? In the world of glitz and television that is reaping ratings and followers, it turns out that the term health protocol is cited in different ways. Misuse of the testing method for screening purposes called the rapid test is also a mainstay. This time it's more sophisticated: the antigen rapid test. What does not need to wait for the body to have antibodies or not. Wedding parties of sultans, meetings at hotels for exclusive groups to company-themed 'outing' workshops emulate this protocol of conspiracy. The goal is one: to get rid of masks that are actually the main protection in health protocols.

masks are considered to obstruct facial expressions, cover beauty, interfere with articulation, and some even say they damage the clarity of the microphone. Se-'receh' is because of the high price of transmission as a risk that must be paid. With speculation about the accuracy of the test and without understanding what a negative or false positive result means, test kits are easily available in various online shops. Original product, fake or counterfeit brand is not important. The important thing is to provide psychological calm. That's what happened today.

The use of masks is the key to preventing the transmission of COVID-19 through the air in confined spaces
National Task Force Medical Expert Team member I Gusti Ngurah Kade Mahardika revealed that apart from droplet splashes, COVID-19 transmission can also occur through air or airborne transmission. However, research on airborne transmission is still being studied in line with the development of understanding of the virus by experts.

Mahardika, who is also a Professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Udayana University, explained that the potential for the spread of COVID-19 can occur through the air, if it is in a closed place.

"This (COVID-19) is usually in a closed room setting, for example buses, rooms that have Air Conditioners (AC), trade centers, offices, and restaurants that have artificial ventilation or are air-conditioned," Mahardika explained through a digital room in the dialogue at Media Center of the National Task Force, Jakarta (10/7).

In line with Mahardika, National Task Force Medical Expert Team Member Budiman Bela added that apart from closed places, cold air in closed spaces increases the potential for COVID-19 transmission.

However, if the people in the confined space wear masks and keep their distance, the potential for viral transmission activity will be much lower.

"Closed places have the potential to be contagious too, especially if the air is cold. But if we use masks and keep our distance, the possibility of infection is much smaller," explained Budiman.

Furthermore, Budiman explained that the use of masks and keeping a distance will prevent the transmission of viruses through the air. This is because the mask can accommodate the virus that comes out when someone talks, sings, coughs and sneezes from the nose or mouth so that the virus that comes out will not transmit.

"All activities release viruses when we talk, sing, cough and sneeze. But the virus (COVID-19) will be caught by masks if we use masks," he continued.

Budiman also emphasized that preventing the transmission of COVID-19 through the air was by continuing to use a mask as in the established health protocol.

"If asked about prevention, keep wearing a mask," said Budiman.

Apart from using masks, implementing health protocols with physical distancing or maintaining a distance, washing hands with soap and running water and not touching the face before washing hands are also important.

Not only for the community, service providers or business managers must pay attention to the ventilation in the room, to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 through the air. Mahardika recommends using natural ventilation measures such as opening windows and doors.

"Use simple ones, such as natural ventilation by opening windows and doors so that the open ventilation can dissolve the virus and the potential for individual exposure will be much less,"

Furthermore, Budiman, who is also a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, explained that the character of the SARS-CoV-2 virus will last longer in cold and humid conditions. However, if it is in hot and dry conditions, the virus will not last long.

On the other hand, ventilation such as exhaust fans will facilitate air exchange in a room which helps to reduce the potential for virus transmission in confined spaces.

"We can reduce the dose of the virus in the air by creating a vent such as an exhaust fan so that the air change in a room is high so that it can reduce our chances of contracting (COVID-19)," he continued.

In addition, Mahardika also suggested that if you use public transportation, you should still use a mask and open the windows so that it can be a much safer natural ventilation.

"If you use public transportation, just open the window and then put on a mask. Opening the window is a natural ventilation that is much safer, delicious and fresh. If you feel sweating somewhere, then you are safe. But if you feel cold and you have to wear a jacket, then the virus will cause you to get sweaty. nice to be there. So it's better with natural ventilation, "he said.

Regarding other preventive measures, Mahardika advised the government to conduct a study on prevention of COVID-19 through ultraviolet.

The characteristic of the virus which has a fat sheath prevents the virus from growing, because the ultraviolet light has sufficient energy and is effective in killing the virus.

Finally, Budiman again appealed to the public to be disciplined in carrying out health protocols, especially using masks when on the move or having to be in a closed room.

"Whatever comes out of our mouths and noses, everyone must know that he has the potential to transmit the virus and harm others. Not wearing a mask because we are afraid of contracting it, but

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