#NYCity :Trump supporters gather in front of Marco Rubio’s West Miami home. ‘You work for us.’

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Publish Date : 2021-01-03 19:21:34

#NYCity :Trump supporters gather in front of Marco Rubio’s West Miami home. ‘You work for us.’

As many as 20 Trump supporters gathered in front of Florida Sen. Marco Rubio's West Miami residence on Saturday to demand the victory of Sen.-elected President Joe Biden as Congress convenes next week to officially confirm the election results.

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In a joint statement issued Saturday, Republican senators and 11 elected senators said they would vote to reject Biden's victory, a move they acknowledged is unlikely to ultimately invalidate the outcome of the race. Neither Rubio nor Florida Sen. Rick Scott were among those who signed the statement.

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At a rally in West Miami, protesters waved Trump flags and shouted, "Stop stealing." One participant was heard shouting, "We need a new party." Another carried a sign that read, "Rubio, we see you."

The group's speakers 'rhetoric was an indication that a lack of allegiance to President Trump could pose an electoral threat to GOP politicians' progress.

"We ask Senator Rick Scott and Senator Marco Rubio to listen. You work for us, ”said Enrique Tarrio, chairman of Proud Boys and a resident of Miami.

“If [Rubio] does not listen to us, he will pay. He pays on the ballot. If it weren't for us, none of the [senators] would have a seat now. ”

Tarrio also drew attention to the criticism of other Republicans from South Florida, including elected Congressman Carlos Gimenez and Congressman-elect Maria Elvira Salazar, when naming them.

“They didn't say anything [about the election]. Stop voting for them. "

Ariel Martinez, the founder of Cubans4Trump, addressed the nation after longtime ally of Trump and recently pardoned Roger Stone shared false allegations of election fraud over the phone.

"I've been fighting hard for Trump since 2016, and we're going to be Republicans, and we're going to turn to the best Republicans rather than the worst Democrats. So I've got news for you: it's changed," he said. "It's time for them to know we're afraid. They need to know that we will be pushed out. It's time for them to leave. "

Martinez also urged Trump supporters to take an active position, supporting President Trump's particular refusal to accept defeat in the election.

"Sometimes we have to be pacifists, but sometimes we have to finish the shit."


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Mike Bebernes · Editor
Sun, January 3, 2021, GMT + 6
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What's happening

As Donald Trump's presidency draws to a close, he has focused on what he will do after stepping down, and his refusal to accept the loss of President-elect Joe Biden has raised questions. Similarly, if little attention is paid, the question arises of Vice President Mike Pence, who will resign for the first time on January 20.

Pence served in the Indiana House of Representatives for 12 years before becoming state governor in 2013. She refused to run for a second term in 2016 when Trump chose her as her husband. On many scandals involving the Commander-in-Chief, who was a staunch supporter of Pence Trump as vice president. He took on a key role when he was appointed head of the White House Special Coronavirus Task Force in February.

Although Pence has not made clear his intention to run in the election, there is widespread speculation among political insiders that he has long sought to run for president in 2024.

Why there is a debate

Pence has a bright future if he chooses to run for president in four years, some experts say. In general, vice presidents start the presidential race with an advantage over the years of high-profile competition. Some say Pence is the ideal candidate to lead Republicans after Trump. They see it as favorably handed over to the president on a GOP base, but turn to traditional conservatives and treat voters less caustically to the government. A number of opinion polls suggest that Trump himself will not run again, and that in 2024, Pence will be the best choice for Republicans.

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