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What Are Hackers And Their Types?

Hacking is the act of looking for possible entry points existing in a computer system or network and entering one of them. Hackers usually gain unauthorized access to computer systems or networks for negative purposes, such as damaging or stealing sensitive information in computers.

There are three types of hackers. White hat hackers, black hat hackers and gray hat hackers.

White Hat Hacker: The hacker is called a security expert or security researcher. These hackers are employed by organizations. They are allowed to attack organizations to discover vulnerabilities that attackers may exploit.

Black Hat Hacker: This hacker is called a cracker. It is called the bad guy. The hacker uses his/her knowledge for negative purposes.

Gray Hat Hacker: This type of hacker is between white hat hackers and black hat hackers.

What Is An Ethical Hacker?

Conducting penetration tests and discovering vulnerabilities to ensure the security of the organization's information system is called ethical hackers. Ethical hackers perform the same activities as hackers with the permission of the owner. These professionals are part of a cybersecurity company. They are hired by the company to perform hacking tasks. If you want a learn ethical hacking then you find the Ethical Hacking Course In Delhi there are many options to choose best.

The goals of ethical hacking in the company are as follows.

  • Protect the system from attackers.
  • Ensure the privacy of organizational data.
  • Eliminate any potential threats.
  • Reconnaissance
  • Footprint Recording
  • Scanning
  • Gain Access
  • Maintain Access
  • Clear Tracking
  • Report

Ethical hackers play a key role in the following areas.

  • Provide security protection for important people or places
  • Protect yourself from hacker attacks

Pros Of Ethical Hacking

The following are the pros or benefits of ethical hackers:

  • It helps combat cyber terrorism and combat violations of national security.
  • This helps to take preventive measures against hackers.
  • helps it helps to build a system to prevent any form of penetration by hackers.
  • Ethical hackers provide security for banks and financial institutions.
  • It helps to identify and close the naked eyes in the computer system or network.

Cons Of Ethical Hacking

Here are the cons of ethical hackers:

  • This may damage the organization's files.
  • Ethical hackers may use the acquired information for malicious use. Therefore, a trusted hacker can succeed in this system.
  • Hiring such professionals will increase the company's costs.
  • This technique can compromise someone’s privacy.
  • The system is illegal.

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