Refrigerator Features That Keep Food Fresh For a Longer Time

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Refrigerator Features That Keep Food Fresh For a Longer Time

Top brands in the market are investing more in technologies improving the utility of the appliances. One such technological upgrade in refrigerators has enabled them to lock the freshness of food items kept inside. Keeping the food fresh for a prolonged duration requires selecting a refrigerator with the right technology while buying. 

Integrated technology for keeping food fresh longer comes in different variants. One of the variants is a double door refrigerator, which comes with techs like fresh air filter and dual evaporator, although at a little higher price. 

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Time to consider which technology suits your need the best for keeping food fresh 24*7!

Types of Technology:

  • Linear Cooling- This unique feature ensures consistency in temperature to maintain the freshness for longer periods. It uniformly cools the inside, reducing temperature gaps between different compartments.

  • Digital Sensors- A fridge with this feature monitors humidity and temperature in the fresh food compartment. These two factors are important to maintain the food’s flavour and texture.

  • Dual Evaporation- The technique synchronizes with linear cooling and adapts quickly to temperature and humidity change outside. This keeps the food at its optimum flavour.

  • Push ‘N Seal Crisper Drawer- This feature, specific to LG brand, uses vacuum sealing to pack your food inside the drawer and keeps it crisp for long.  

  • Inverter Linear Compressor- A modification of linear cooling feature, this technology ensures energy efficiency in addition to maintaining freshness. It efficiently saves around 32% energy and reduces noise by around 25%. Better than a conventional compressor, earlier this feature was available only with high-end refrigerators. Latest mid-range fridges, like a frost-free single door refrigerator, may also possess this feature.

  • Door Cooling- Some refrigerators come with this feature which evenly maintains the temperature inside and cools faster, keeping food from getting rancid.

  • Fresh Air Filter- This multi airflow design involves placing vents strategically in the compartments. This surrounds the food with fresh air and keeps odor away.

  • T-type refrigerators- This range is the only dual compressor and triple cooling design existing. The different zones in this fridge can be independently and separately controlled to maintain optimum temperature and high humidity. It is one such high-end product giving a customized feel when operated.

  • Twin Cooling- An innovation specific to Samsung, the design keeps odor from mixing due to the placement of two evaporators in the freezer and fridge separately, reducing temperature fluctuation. It also maintains optimum humidity, thus preserving food and minimizing wastage.

  • Blue Light Technology- Some refrigerators come with this feature replicating the light that raw food receives outside. This enables photosynthesis to continue inside the fridge, maintaining freshness longer.

Few storage tips to keep your food fresh and crisp:

  • To get optimum results, keep the fridge temperature between 3-5 degrees and maintain the freezer temperature around -18 degrees.

  • In the absence of a defined compartment, keep raw food at the bottom.

  • Keep ready-to-eat food on the top shelf to avoid very low temperatures.

  • If you store any item for the long term, it is better to use the door because this compartment is the warmest. It is where one should also keep eggs and milk.

  • Some refrigerators come with adjustable shelves and specialized compartments. These are scientifically developed to preserve different types of food for long. Make sure you store according to specifications.

  • Clean the refrigerator regularly to avoid any bacterial growth.

Refrigerators come in different shapes and sizes. A single door refrigerator is the most common type. It is easily available in budget prices as well. 

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A double door refrigerator or a side-by-side one will be suitable for a large family. These fridges come with one or more of the features mentioned above. With all the above features at disposal, the price range is higher as compared to single door ones. But, once you avail of the benefits offered by Bajaj Finserv, buying the high-priced latest refrigerator is just a few clicks away. Bajaj Finserv even gives pre-approved offers on such EMI financing to existing customers. Such offers are also available on business loans, personal loans, mortgage loans, and other financial services. 

These offers to speed up the process of availing financing and customers can thus save a considerable amount of time. You need to provide some basic details to know about your pre-approved offer.

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