[Review] "El Silencio" continues with the apocalypse of "A place in Silence" and "Bird Box"

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[Review] "El Silencio" continues with the apocalypse of "A place in Silence" and "Bird Box"

Last April the film was released that mixes the terror of A Silent Place and the thriller of Bird Box . Two names that are successful on their own, as it should be remembered that the film directed by John Krasinski raised more than 300 million dollars and already has a sequel on the way; and the feature film starring Sandra Bullock became the film with more reproductions of Netflix during 2018. This new production is called The Silence ( The Silence ). We cannot ignore the resemblance it has with both productions, promising a good plot line that will capture us before the appearance of this imminent danger that lurks at the slightest noise ...

Directed by John R. Leonetti, of Annabelle, the tape shows us the Andrews family. Hugh is the father of the family, starring Stanley Tucci, who here is certainly the best in the movie. Miranda Otto is his wife Kelly. Then we have the two children Jude and Ally (Kiernan Shipka), a 16-year-old girl who has been deaf for 3 years due to an accident. And last but not least, Grandma. The normality of their lives will be altered by the irruption of strange flying beings (such as dinosaurs or underdeveloped birds), which have been hibernating for years underground until some miners touch a cave that they should not have. Chaos takes hold of the Earth and soon our protagonists realize that the creatures do not have eyes, but use their ears to orient themselves and attack, like true predators.

From that point on, we hardly have any dialogue and we have to try to make as little noise as possible. In this sense, and as a result of Ally's accident, the family communicates through sign language. The film takes us through the same problems and conflicts of the previous films, tapes that we have named for the similarities of problems and conflicts. They're obviously not far from bugs and cheeky moments of noise at the least expected (typical) moments. However, the irruption of a kind of sect called "Los Silenciosos" relaunches the film. These silent ones are characterized by cutting the tongue to avoid making any sound. This idea, interesting a priori, is quite incongruous when we have only been in the apocalypse for just two days (to call it somehow).

The 90 minute duration and a plot that brings us to constant tension, makes the film easy to follow. Being a tape almost only for television (we believe that it could not have opted for the big screen) it becomes one more within the long Netflix catalog, but that allows an hour and a half to be entertained without major pretensions.

'A place in silence', fear and tension to the extreme | Review

REVIEW . A Quiet Place ( A place in silence in Spanish) follows the story of a family that lives in a house in the middle of the forest, taking care not to emit any sound to avoid a strange being that stalks them. If they don't listen to you, they can't hunt you down.

Evelyn, Lee, Regan, and Marcus Abbott only need to follow three rules to survive and stay off the radar of these strange creatures: don't make noise, stay off the road, and "red" means run.

While John Krasinski uses a recurring formula in horror thrillers by presenting a post-apocalyptic world and addressing the issue of not making noise to survive, the American director manages to maintain the suspense and tension throughout the 90 minutes of the film.

The first part of A Quiet Place shows how this family adapted day-to-day situations, such as communication, to their new circumstances. Sign language, the way of cooking, playing, are the details that bring the story closer to the viewer and allow him to put himself in the place of the characters, to the point of feeling fear, anguish, compassion, anger, despair, that is, it is a roller coaster of emotions.

Krasinski handles suspense to perfection, to the point of keeping you not on the edge of the seat but completely reclined due to the stress and tension that it generates. Something that contributes to this is that there is almost no dialogue and Marco Beltrami's music, which only appears at the right times, helps the viewer feel more nervous. Not only are the protagonists completely silent, everyone in the movie theater is as well, something that increases the feeling of anguish and danger, but above all it allows you to focus on what is about to happen.

The absolute silence not only adds a distinctive touch to this thriller but represents a challenge for the actors, one that they successfully overcome. Emily Blunt and John Krasinski , being a couple in real life, manage to project that chemistry and complicity between husbands. While both do an excellent job, Blunt excels at conveying pain, helplessness, terror and other emotions with just looks and body movements.

As for the children, Millicent Simmonds , a young actress who has suffered from deafness since childhood, and Noah Jupe achieve performances that connect with the viewer. In addition, the chemistry that exists between the actors allows the subplots and the conflicts between them to be perfectly linked to the main problem of A Quiet Place .

A detail that becomes a double-edged sword is Evelyn's pregnancy, since on the one hand it serves as a trigger for the climax of this story, the situation is very convenient and not very credible. Although Krasinski is releasing clues and details that puts us in context, scenes that explain what happened in the world and with humanity, or that reveal the origin of the threat are not included.

In conclusion, if you want to relax and have a good time after work or classes, this is not the movie you are looking for, because for an hour and a half it will keep you tense and you will not be able to despair. But if you love thrillers you can't stop watching this movie. Remember that the movie theater will also be 'a place of silence' .

A Silent Place: Synopsis, Trailer, Cast and Review

John Krasinski's debut as a major studio director received rave reviews; the film A Silent Place made a pleasant impression on the public and the specialized critics.

Film John Krasinski , a quiet place ( A Quiet Place / A quiet place ), was one of the big surprises of 2018. It 's a horror film that presents a post - apocalyptic world, a reality where the survival of the human species is Under threat. The main feature of this production is the excellent handling of sound and, as its name anticipates, silence as a very powerful resource to generate emotions.

After opening at the South by Southwest , expectations grew for the film. However, the reaction of the people at the box office remained to be seen. Ultimately, it became a success by raising more than 340 million dollars internationally, while its realization required the investment of just 17 million. Next, we present everything you need to know about this production.

The Abbott family lives on an isolated farm located north of New York City. Evelyn and Lee, as well as their children, should do any activity in complete silence. Your life depends on it. For months they have managed to survive the invasion of Earth by deadly creatures that use sound to hunt. The slightest sound can be a death sentence, so they even use a sign system to communicate.

A Silent Place Trailer
The film began production in 2017, while most of the filming took place in the New York counties of Dutchess and Ulster, United States. Although Krasinski commented that he only planned to make a film about this story, the warm reception from the critics pushed him to realize a sequel that will run until 2021.

The main cast is headed by Emily Blunt, as Evelyn Abbott, and John Krasinski , as Lee Abbott. Both parents, who are married in real life, will fight to keep their children Regan and Marcus, played by Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe , respectively, alive . A tragedy that involves little Beau Abbott, the youngest of all the family members, is responsible for opening the story and hooking the public from the first moment.

In different interviews, John Krasinski revealed that he was influenced by films like Alien , No Country for Old Men and In the Bedroom . After reading the script, his wife Emily Blunt asked him if he could have a role by her side, thus arising the idea of ​​becoming the protagonists. In the end, the chemistry between both actors turned out to be crucial to pull off a story of family survival in the middle of a world devastated by extraterrestrial creatures.

There is no doubt that A Silent Place became one of the films that marked 2018. Both the public and the specialized press were shocked by a horror and suspense film that was out of the mold. Film journalists praised the way in which Krasinski managed to move between different genres, all the while within a coherent, robust and emotional story.

In his comment for Fotogramas , Fausto Fernández warns about a masterful exercise in narrative and the management of cinematographic resources.

"Stimulating, precious in its ability to overwhelm us, rigorous and simply brilliant exercise of style (...) It always puts suspense and measured blows first," he said.

Likewise, Angie Han pointed out to Mashable the director and creative team's ability to maintain tension throughout most of the film.

"A feature film version of that scene from all horror movies in which the protagonist walks down a dark hallway toward something unknown and the viewer grits their teeth with a mixture of excitement and dread," he said.

“Using the physicality of a cast that you can count on the fingers of one hand, the film maintains a minimalist terror. Every step or sudden movement with the potential to cause immediate death, ”he added.

Brian Tellerico, in his review for rogerebert.com , also considers it to be among the best horror films of recent years.

“You don't just leave the cinema having experienced an exciting journey. You come out with a high, the kind of high you only experience in the best horror movies, ”she wrote.

fter watching A Quiet Place, let us know your opinion in the comments area.

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