Top 5 High-Paying Jobs for Math Majors

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Publish Date : 2020-09-30 09:20:34

Top 5 High-Paying Jobs for Math Majors

Although your passion in math may have begun just by curiosity, with the right amount of talent and commitment, it's possible to turn your love of mathematics into a promising profession. As a mathematics major, you've chosen to study mathematics as your academic priority, and it's essential to decide which career direction you want to take before you graduate.

We'll break down the 5 most competitive math-related occupations in this guide and help you get prepared to launch your career in the mathematics world.

1. Mathematician

Median salary: $112,560

Mathematics is among the most ancient and essential disciplines. Mathematicians perform studies in basic mathematics, or apply mathematical techniques to science , management, and other fields. They also solve the problems using numerical methods in different fields. They are classified into two: theoretical and applied mathematicians.

Theoretical mathematicians advance mathematical understanding through the creation of new concepts and the identification of previously unknown connections between current mathematical principles. Meanwhile, using theories and techniques such as mathematical modeling and statistical methods, analytical mathematicians formulate and solve practical problems in industry, economics, infrastructure, and physical, human , and social sciences.

2. Statistician

Median salary: $84,440

A statistician is someone who analyzes and interprets data and draws conclusions using statistical methods. While they frequently work in offices, they also do fieldwork to manage surveys or collect data. Statisticians are essential professionals in a number of fields, and frequently pursue positions in areas such as environmental and physical science, business, health, academia, and government.

Statisticians often work in the corporate sector to analyze statistics in a way to support operational and market strategies; for example, by identifying shifts in customer preferences and purchasing habits. On the other hand, assessments in the public sector frequently concentrate on improving the greater good; for example, by gathering and evaluating health, demographic, or environmental data.

3. Physicist

Median salary: $118,500

A physicist is someone who discusses and defines the fundamental concepts that control the nature and behavior of matter, the energy-matter relationship, and energy generation and transport. These principalities can be used in metaphysical as well as functional fields. These specialists are primarily working in three sectors: academic institutions, laboratories and the private sector.

Academic physicists typically perform research for the general advancement of human knowledge and science; they can also teach physics to college and graduate students. Laboratories may be funded privately or by the government, and physicists working in them typically act as strategic affairs and environmental consultants. Lastly, physicists employed in the private sector normally work with businesses and suppliers as technology engineers and more info Forex Trading.

4. Mathematical science teacher (postsecondary)

Median salary: $77,290

Teachers in post-secondary mathematical science offer classes relating to statistical theory, statistics, and actuarial science, as well as applying original and systematic statistical methods to solve particular problems and scenarios.’

These teachers  collect, conduct, and rate tests, or delegate these tasks to others. They also review and rate the jobs, projects, and reports of the class members. In addition, they plan and give seminars on subjects like linear algebra, differential equations, and discrete mathematics to college or graduate students.

5. Actuary

Median salary: $110,560

An actuary is a company expert evaluating the financial implications of the risk. Actuaries use mathematics, statistics, and financial analysis to research unpredictable future developments, especially those involving insurance and pension schemes.

Actuaries may work for major corporations, insurance agencies, consultancy firms, government, workplace health departments, hospitals, banks and investment companies, or, more broadly, in industries that need to handle financial risk. A profession as an Actuary is better defined as a mathematically focused "business" career than a mathematical "scientific" profession.

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