Traditional vs. Laser Surgery: Whats the Difference

Author : thekavyasharma
Publish Date : 2020-08-29 05:20:49

Traditional vs. Laser Surgery: Whats the Difference

Traditional and laser surgery is mostly conducted on the eyes to rectify cataract changes. A cataract is the leading eye condition in the US. For that reason, around 2.5 million Americans book an appointment with surgeons to have cataract surgery. 

While there are many advantages of laser cataract surgery compared to the traditional procedure, patients and experts should work together to determine the best method. To help you note the difference between the two procedures, here are some rundowns to consider. 

1. Traditional Surgery

Traditional cataract surgery is the most common procedure because it offers excellent results. For safety, surgeons operate one eye after the other to correct the condition. All the procedures conducted are carried out on an out-patient basis that allows you to go back home after a short period of recovery. During the surgery, ophthalmologists make incisions on the eye through precision blades. They also use an ultrasonic probe to break and remove the cataract pieces. Following this procedure, the experts insert artificial lenses to replace cataracts. 

Most doctors recommend patients to go for lenses to help them have a clear vision when driving. Since cataract is a normal aging condition, patients will also require a reading eyeglass to rectify their bi-focal or near vision to reduce astigmatism. Recovering from traditional surgery is easy, and the best thing about it is that Medicare and private insurance cover it. 

Pros of the Traditional Surgery

  • It improves the quality of life
  • The procedure has a risk factor of 10% or less
  • It’s a painless and simple procedure

Cons of the Traditional Surgery

  • Patients experience post-operative inflammation and itching
  • It’s possible to get an eye infection
  • There is an adverse reaction to Anesthesia
  • It’s an expensive procedure for many people
  • Cataractous lenses can easily be forgotten inside the eyes

2. Laser Surgery

When it comes to laser cataract surgery, ultrasound imaging devices or cameras are placed over patients' eyes to gather accurate information and make a digital map. These devices then transmit information to computers to give lasers the exact depths, location, and size. From this step, the lasers from The Laser Trader will soften protein clumps to break and get rid of cataracts in the eye. Like in traditional surgery, doctors place artificial intraocular lenses in the eyes and seal the incision immediately. This means that stitches will not be required. 

Pros of the Laser Surgery

  • Accurate incisions
  • Improved market reach
  • It uses low phaco energy
  • Perfectly centered capsulorhexis
  • Ongoing development of skills
  • It’s possible to adjust wound architecture

Cons of the Laser Surgery

  • There’s increased case time
  • High startup costs
  • Too reliant on technology
  • It takes time to learn about the technology

Conclusion – Which is the Right Option for You?

When choosing between laser and traditional surgery, your decision should come down to what you want. Some patients may want to replace their cloudy lenses with clear ones, and they can be comfortable to put eyeglasses to enhance vision. However, others might require the best surgery to avoid using eyeglasses, and they can be willing to pay more cash. 

Hence, as you compare various options regarding the best surgery, speak to your physician about your resources, expectations, and visions. With such a conversation, it would be easy to narrow down to the right surgery method.

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