Trinity Seven, The Battle of Magic with Super Echii

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Trinity Seven, The Battle of Magic with Super Echii

One of the most hilarious magic Harem Anime in the summer of last year. Tells the story of Arata Kasuga's journey, the perverted boy is lucky> _

This anime is one of my favorite anime because besides containing great and cool magic battles it is  also filled with humorous scenes and echii: 3 ~ this anime is quite exciting and has good art. The following is a review of each character, guys ... please suck it up
Well before that, there are several terms in this anime ...

-Theme: this is the goal of the witch. Each magician must choose his own theme then research it and also a part of his magic. For example, the theme of lustitita, justice contains both attacking and defending magic versions of justice, the further the theme is investigated, the more kinds of magic are obtained until finally the last crest, the last technique of a theme which is the strongest magic that must sacrifice your life to use it.

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-Archive: there are 7 archives of this anime, Superbia, Invidia, Ira, Luxuria, Gula, Acedia and Avaratia. A theme is a branch of an archive, for example the theme lustitia, justice is part of the superbia and these seven archives have their own many themes.

Magic: after researching the theme, magicians will choose their own magic according to their archive. For example Ira's archive has chaotic rune magic etc depending on the choice of the witch itself. Each archive has its own magic
In conclusion a magician must choose a theme as the destination, then find out their archive, then select one of the many magic from the archive they choose

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-Trinity Seven: are the 7 strongest magicians from the Biblical school. These seven magicians have finished their theme to the last crest and the 7 of them are experts in their respective archives.
Okee already understand, right ... ?? let's continue ...

Arata Kasuga

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The main character of this anime, Arata was originally just an ordinary school student until it was finally discovered that he had the power equal to a demon king. His enormous power creates a black sun which causes the phenomenon of collapse. With the grimoire * witch's weapon * the gift of hijiri arata managed to create an artificial world even though he was finally captured by one of the magicians from Biblia, Lilith. He was finally released because he wanted to become a witch. Arata's theme is Control, Imperium is in the superbia archive. With the arata control theme, you can control any magic and remove it including magic clothes so you can say that it is a stripping style. Arata has a legendary grimoire that allows him to imitate the magic of other magicians. Arata's magic includes:

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Outer Alchemic: ability to bring long-range magic weapons belonging to Archive Luxuria. How can arata use magic that doesn't belong to the archive ?? yuupp arata has the ability to mimic magic from other archives even though the archives are superbia. Arata is able to defeat giant monsters with his Meteo punisher, a gun that fires magic-busting power

Enchantment Spell: magic belonging to the Sugar Archive, Arata imitated it from Akio. Magic that accumulates magic power somewhere whether it's for defense or for attack. For example, Arata creates a magic-eating dragon with this magic and creates a symbol on his body that when touched can absorb someone's magic.
Arata is someone who is straightforward, perverted, and lucky. He managed to strip the Trinity Seven members several times or fall and hold their oppai accidentally

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Hijiri Kasuga

Arata's brother he is the closest person to Arata. He disappeared under the black sun and went to the world between time and space. There he sees the future that Arata will become a ruthless king who enslaves all witches. In order to stop that, he becomes a witch at Biblia's school. Hijiri has Thema Ruina, Partum and an analysis of the ira archive. His magic is a chaotic rune just like Arin's. Techniques include Black Azazel which shoots black magic power of destruction and vegtam an impenetrable magic shield. Hijiri is the antagonist in this anime. Hijiri also has 2 grimoires, Ilia and Sora. Sora has been given to arata. Hijiri is also a candidate for the magic king because he has the element of a magic king.


Sora is a grimoire arata in the form of a book. He is arata's intermediary to cast his magic. Sora is a legendary grimoire who can speak and change shape to human form. His human form is a cute loli girl>  
Trinity Seven

The teacher at the Biblia witch school, the same age as arata. Has the Thema of Life, Abies from the Luxuria archive. Lilith often uses her magic outer alchemic imitated by arata to make magic weapons. Someone can shoot lasers, bomb-beam rays etc. red haired lilith, tsundere and big breasts. Likes arata and is very considerate of him. Lilith is often considered MPA by his friends, seeks attention to arata>

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