Updating your Website: What is it, Why and How to Update it?

Author : mikejohnarizona
Publish Date : 2020-06-30 13:27:56

Updating your Website: What is it, Why and How to Update it?

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Exactly the same thing happens with web pages. In fact, on the Internet the change is even more frequent, so the service of maintenance, updating and improvement of web pages must become a daily activity.

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Well, your website should be a news page for your company and your project on the Internet!

The day you don't update the web content, you add new web content, you publish a news item or an article on the Blog, you change something about the design because it works better, you correct a small error, add a new functionality, etc.

Every day there is work on the website of any company that takes its presence on the Internet as a sales channel seriously.

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In general, when updating the web, there are three types of tasks that are part of any web update plan that you must follow: technical update, content update and image or web design update.

All are important and must be addressed, although it is still true that these updates are more or less frequent depending on the maintenance plan of the website you have devised. In most cases updating the content of your website is more frequent than a design or functional update.

Why To Update Your Website on A Technical And Functional Level?

At this point, I am not telling you anything new when I tell you that the Internet is evolving, every day, and your website, along with the rest of the Internet, has been part of that evolution.

Much of this technological evolution is based on the code of the web pages and how it changes to adapt and shape a changing technical system. It is in this aspect where the benefits of maintaining the website and technically updating it are various and of all kinds.

Your Website Is Safer Against Any Attack

At the security level of your website, I can give you two reasons to maintain and update the website, which are the most important and the first that come to mind.

Updating the versions of your web server and the programming of your web page will provide more security against any attack by a virus or hacker.

The first derives from updates to the web system such as updating PHP or the hypertext transfer protocol, or information, going from HTTP to HTTPS.

With these updates on your server and website, for example, you offer your users greater security when browsing your website.

Especially if they leave personal data, and which is also your obligation (by law!) from the entry of the LOPD and the RGPD, to keep them safe and protected, as in a form on the web, something that surely your website has and requires you!

Another strong reason is linked to the use of content management systems such as updating the WordPress page.

With each update of the WordPress system, for example, the web is protected from possible attacks that can lead to the loss of control over your web page and access to the protected data of your customers.

Most of the updates of these systems include a security enhancement, since they have most likely detected a security problem in their systems and programming and that they have solved at that time. Updating and improving the WordPress page is crucial every time a new update is available!

If you pay attention, with this type of maintenance or updating of your web page, you will obtain positive results, both for yourself and for your users and clients. All are advantages!

Increase The Speed of Your Website And Load Faster

Whenever you talk about loading speed, you tend to think that it is something that improves in a moment and is optimized forever, right?

But the truth is that it is not so; If you make a change in the design, change the content or add information, this will surely affect the loading speed and its optimization. Especially if you install a new plugin or some type of content that was not there before.

Any plan to increase the loading speed of your website will always go through updating the web system to the latest version.

If you are serious about keeping your website fully optimized, you will probably notice how the loading speed drops when you make changes or modifications to the content of your website. 

And you want to fix it as soon as possible, right? In that case, any optimization in the loading speed will go through updating the web page.

Updating Your Website Makes It Compatible With New Technologies

As I said before, the Internet evolves and with it, the tools to keep your web page working. A change to HTML tags (for example from HTML 4 to HTML 5), or continuing to use outdated and expired tags, can cause web browsers, such as Google, to not recognize instructions and generate errors.

Updating the web to the latest programming versions prevents conflicts with other systems and platforms, such as CRMs and web browsers.

That is why, updating the versions of the web programming languages also prevents conflicts in the internal operation of your web page and its communication with other systems such as that of web search engines.

You Improve The Usability of The User And Their Degree of Satisfaction With Your Website

At a technical level we also have a commitment to the users of our website. If you think about it, a web page is one more product or service of your company that you provide to your users and clients. Therefore, there is always feedback that can encourage changes in the way it works.

Updating your website constantly will improve the comfort and experience of your potential client, you will fall in love!

For example, if you analyze what your users think about your website, you probably realize that they would feel more comfortable if some functionality was included on your website or you made a change in its design.

If your idea is to keep your users and customers satisfied, it is a compelling reason and you will most likely use the maintenance and web update plan to build an ideal website for them.

Why To Update The Content of Your Website?

When it comes to content, many people think that it is something that is created, published, and we forget (or end up dying), after a while, on our website. In most cases this is what happens, but it should not necessarily be so.

Think of content as an investment you are making to make your page rank, for your customers to find useful information, to improve sales, or for whatever you have decided to create.

The creation of new content is essential because with it, you will meet the needs of your customers as you get to know them, in addition to indicating to search engines, such as Google, that your website is operational and updated, key to the good web positioning.

Remember that web pages that do not update their content lose positions in web search engines because:

  • The competition is doing a good job of SEO positioning your web pages.
  • The web browser, like Google, perceives that it is a web page that has been inactive and has not been updated for too long.

But, having said all this, although the creation of new content is essential, it is also key that you update the content that has already been published on your website.

As I told you, the content you have been creating on your website is more investment that your company has made and, if it has already cost (time or money) for your company.

You should dedicate a little time to give it a second life and thus squeeze even more the benefits it brings to your company.

The reasons for updating the content of your Blog or your website go far beyond the investment you have made, and that is what I have come to talk about in this section.

But first, I have to tell you that the decision to update the content must be based on the potential you see for each piece of content.

That is, if you see that some content is not worth it, in your opinion, then do not update it, because it is time that you can be spending on creating new content, or updating existing content that is really going to give you benefits.

You Update The Information Offered By Your Website

A fundamental reason to review the content of your Blog or your website is to update the information contained therein.

The information, especially today, is susceptible to change, that is, what you wrote a few months ago may have been true and accurate, but it is no longer true now.

I'm going to give you the example of web design or digital marketing, because these are topics that tend to change rapidly over time.

But also with many other themes, such as fashion, as they are understood to be temporary themes and need to be updated.

Updating web content is not just about the Blog; The information of your company and your business proposal must also be updated from time to time.

Many times the static content of our website is no longer as attractive as we thought or simply does not contemplate new products or services that we have been including in our business, in this case it is vital that there is an update.

You Improve The Writing of Your Web Content

Currently, many Internet businesses are in a content war, that is, many companies want to publish a lot in order to become more relevant, both for web search engines like Google, and for their potential customers.

That, in itself, is not wrong, but it is very likely that in the rush to create new content, good spelling will be left aside, or ideas will not be expressed in the best possible way or in a slow and calm way.

By reviewing and updating web content, you can improve spelling and writing, thus achieving an impeccable image in front of your potential client.

If you detect that some content of your web page could be explained in a better way, or have a spelling error, then you need to update it; This is valid for both the Blog and the business proposal that you place in any other area of ​​your page.

That is why a long time ago I commented on the option of having a journalist who creates the contents of your website, or a good editor with journalistic knowledge.

Perhaps you will tell me that spelling takes a back seat if the content is good, but as you well know, you will make a better impression if the content is well written.

In fact, beyond

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