Rejecting old age, these 6 K-drama actors are still handsome in their 40s, you know!

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Publish Date : 2021-03-08 16:33:26

Rejecting old age, these 6 K-drama actors are still handsome in their 40s, you know!

While most people seem to be getting older in their 40s, this is different from this line of K-Drama actors. Like cayenne pepper, the older it gets spicy! These 6 K-Drama actors prove that as they get older, their charisma will shine even more, aw!

1. Nam Goong Min (42 years)

At the age of 4, Nam Goong Min looks really young, you know. Namgoong Min's body, which is getting sexier because of the gym workout, makes him look even more fit and fresh. Doi still plays in the drama Remember as a psychopath, you know!

2. Jin Yi Han (42 years)

At 42 years old, actor Jin Yi Han is still charming and charming at his age that is no longer young. Doi also played many film titles, including My Secret Hotel, Hey Ghost, Let's Fight, and so on. 

3. Won Bin (43 years)

Legendary actor, Won Bin is now 43 years old. With his good acting skills, Won Bin was one of the most popular actors of his time. Not only Korean citizens, Won Bin is also idolized by many international fans. 

4. Song Seung Heon (44 years)

Actor and model Song Seung Heon is 44 years old. Wow! His debut through the film CALLA in 1999 made his name soar until now. Who would have thought, this Autumn in My Heart actor still looks so young, you know!

5. Kwon Sang Woo (44 years)

This handsome 44 year old actor made his debut in 2003. It was through the drama Stairway to Heaven that Kwon Sang Woo's career took off. His face is not much different from now, huh!

6.Bae Yon Joon (48 years)

The drama force Winter Sonata must know about this cool ahjussi! Yup, Bae Yong Joon, who is currently 48 years old, continues to have a career in acting with many extraordinary achievements!

Suddenly leaving the military, DAY6's Sungjin surprises his fans

Sungjin suddenly announced the date of his military service (enlistment) through a live broadcast. To his surprise, he announced the date right when he was on his way to the Training Center . 
“ Salute ! I will carry out military service today, "said Sungjin greeting his fans.

In the live broadcast, it was seen that Sungjin had cut his hair in a military style. Suddenly Sungjin's words made DAY6 fans, My Day, feel very shocked and sad especially when there was no notification at all about this.

But that was indeed a request from Sungjin himself. He wanted to go to the army calmly and asked the agency not to announce his departure. Sungjin wanted him to tell My Day himself the date of his departure.

JYP Entertainment as the agency that oversees Day6 also gave an official announcement regarding Sungjin's departure.

"Hello! This is JYP Entertainment. To My Day, who has always loved Day6, we would like to provide information about Sungjin's military service.

Starting from March 8, 2021, Sungjin will carry out his duties as a Korean citizen by carrying out military service. To prevent the transmission of Covid-19 and fulfill Sungjin's wishes, the implementation of this mandatory military departure was carried out behind closed doors.

We ask for understanding from My Day because the information regarding this military service came right on the day of Sungjin's departure. We promise to keep all Day6 members' health as our top priority.

Once again, we ask for your support for Sungjin, who is currently carrying out his military service.

Thank you."

This DAY6 leader was assigned to the Army for 18 months. He will undergo a training period in Inje, Gangwon province, South Korea. It is estimated that Sungjin will be off duty on September 7, 2022.

The member with the full name Park Sungjin also said that the other Day6 members said good goodbyes. They said that the leader should do his job well and come back healthy. They also told Sungjin not to worry because DAY6 and My Day will be well looked after.

In 2020, two Day6 members, Jae and Sungjin, went on hiatus for health reasons. Leaving three members who are active under the name Even of Day which is a subunit of Day6 itself. Jae himself then actively became a live streamer on Twitch and made a solo project with the stage name eaJ in the middle of his hiatus. Sungjin has also started actively doing live broadcasts to greet his fans.

Day6 is rumored to be releasing an album in April 2021 with a complete member formation. But My Day must still be patient because this time DAY6 will comeback without a comeback stage . Now, My Day must be more patient because the Leader is leaving to carry out state duties.

“Instead of worrying, you better think that I did my best while on duty. I will go and come back in good health. You also have to stay healthy both physically and mentally, ”Sungjin ordered My Day to conclude his live broadcast.

Let's pray for Park Sung Jin to stay healthy and return from his duties safely. Salute !

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