5 Myths About Hostels You Need to Stop Believing!

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Publish Date : 2020-07-13 11:13:20

5 Myths About Hostels You Need to Stop Believing!

If you have never stayed in a hostel before, you might have often heard several myths about staying a backpacker hostel. Gone are the days when hostels were cheap and shabby places to stay. Hostels today have come up as preferred accommodation for backpackers & travelers from all across the world. Still, many people doubt hostels integrity, safety, and cleanliness, thus, in this post, we are here to clear all your doubts. In recent times, hostels have gone a drastic change from their looks to amenities, services, location, and much more! 

These days hostels come up with exciting features and great amenities that make it a sociable place for all travelers to stay. Earlier believed to be a cheap place to stay, hostels today have become luxurious with cool bars, rooftop activities, common rooms, open kitchens, and a lot more! So let’s dispel all the myths that you’ve heard about staying in the hostels and see what they aren’t: 

Hostels are shabby: FALSE

Modern hostels all over the world are no more shabby places to stay. The hostels are neat and clean with all modern amenities. People who stay in hostels that are shabby and arent happy with the place, give their negative reviews to make sure that no one else stays with them. Nowadays you can easily check the hostel reviews, find pictures, see hostel rooms, check shared places, and much more to make sure that your accommodation is great!  With so many hostels competing, hostels are experimenting more and more and trying to provide the best services to their guests. If you see the popular hostels, you will find them no way less than a fancy hotel, to meet high standards of accommodation! 

Hostels are basic: FALSE

Hostels are no more a dull place to stay with bunk beds and communal showers. Staying in a hostel today is full of excitement and fun! You will find quirky decor, comfortable beds, lockers, free breakfast, free wifi, fun activities, and games to keep you engaged and make your stay memorable. Even the hostel staff are always keen to give you suggestions to explore the local city & make you love their city, which further makes a hostel experience amazing. Other than that, hostels will provide you plenty of extra services such as laundry facilities, fully equipped kitchens, free breakfasts, TV, computers and much more to make your stay exciting and comfortable. 

Hostels are remotely located: FALSE 

Many people think that hostels are in middle of nowhere because of their inexpensive nature. However, this is not true! Some great backpacker hostels in Peth enjoy wonderful locations as they are at proximity to local markets, railway stations, parks, bars, and cafes. However, there are some hostels that are located on the outskirts of the city for people who like to stay away from the city’s hustle and bustle and like a quiet setting. But most of the time, hostels are centrally located and easily accessible by public transport. The popular hostels of the cities are often they’re less than 5 minutes’ walk from the station so that it’s easy for you to reach the place. You will also find all the necessary places nearby to the hostel area so that you have access to them. 

Hostels are not safe: FALSE

You might have heard stories about things getting stolen from hostel rooms, but luckily that’s not the case now. Now you can have some of the safest hostels around the world which ensure that you and all your belongings are safe while staying in the hostel premises. The hostels have 24-hour reception, locks on the door, lockers, key cards to access the rooms and corridors, just as secure as a hotel. If you see anything suspicious, you can report at the reception right away. If you are worried about your valuables, the hostels provide you private lockers that keep your valuables safe. Whenever you leave your hostel room, you can lock up your stuff in the lockers if you are in dorm room. 

Hostels only have dorm rooms: FALSE

A lot of people believe that hostels only have traditional dorm rooms, but that’s not right! Hostels today have different rooms available and you can choose your room as per your preference. If you are traveling with your partner and need some privacy, you can book a private room, while if you are traveling solo, you can book a dorm room and meet people from all around the world. 

Now that you’ve got your myths cleared about the hostels, what are your waiting for? Book your favorite hostel, save money, and create wonderful memories on your next travel!

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