Be Part of a Big Traveling Nurses Association Finding the Best Traveling Nurse Company

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Be Part of a Big Traveling Nurses Association Finding the Best Traveling Nurse Company

Finding the Best Traveling Nurse Company

Travel nursing is a popular career option for nurses nowadays. It offers a minimum of 18 months to 2 years of clinical experience that most facilities prefer. This gives a chance for nurses to see new places as well as to work in new environments, far from the conventional set-up in hospitals. 

Being a traveling nurse, you are given the opportunity to go wherever you wish to go while still practicing your profession. With this, you can expand your resume and be able to work at some of the country’s top medical facilities. You can freely choose jobs close to your home or anywhere across the country. 

Normally, most travel assignments last 13 weeks though some traveling nurses company can customize the length of the assignments according to their needs. There are also other companies that offer short-term ands quick-start travel assignments, usually lasting from 4 to 8 weeks. 

A good advantage to this kind of job is that, there are no annual contracts so you can work as many assignments as you like. This also means a stable financial income for you.

So how can you find the best traveling Nurses Company? It is true that one of prime factors that travel nurses look for is the high pay. However, it is not always the chance of getting better wages but it is also the opportunity to choose your benefits. This means that you should look more closely to individual companies and what they can offer you. 

So what exactly are the benefits you expect from being a travel nurse? Here are some of the basic options you can find on various traveling nurses company and agencies:

1. Favorable working hours and conditions 

– Of course it is no doubt that nurses and health care professionals are in demand. Many companies are offering them a time off as a motivation to work for them. Most companies do all the possible ways to keep working hours a reasonable level such as hiring travel nurses who can temporarily work for them. This means that there is less demand for overtime works, allowing nurses to have time for themselves, their personal activities, as well as their families. The aim is two fold – a give and take relationship. With this reward, companies are not only attracting potential nurses and keeping quality employees but also they realize that nurses can usually maximize their nursing tasks when they are handling reasonable hours of work with sufficient staffs to provide backups.

2. The tangibles 

– As a travel nurse, not only you are offered with top dollars but you are also given the privilege of receiving several benefits which are not given to nurses before. Some rewards may seem small to some people but can become big time issues eventually. One example of this is direct deposit. This may seem just a small detail but as soon as you are getting your paycheck, for instance on a Thursday night but you failed to make the trip to the bank Friday and wind up with a check that hasn’t still been cashed out the following week. 

3. Part-time, situational and temporary jobs 

– If you are a nurse who meets situational criteria, there are companies out there which can offer you great job placement. If you don’t want to have the responsibility of a full-time job but want to work only a few weeks at a time, you are given lots of good options without working full-time. There are companies that provide placements to people like you. But be cautious to choose the reputable traveling nurses company. Be wary of signing a long-term contract that bounds your work with other companies.

4. Education 

– If you want to be viable in the travel nursing marketplace, you may want to advance your education. You can make the wise move of getting some additional training to advance your career with education.

5. Pay 

– Of courses nurses choose their field to help other people but it’s no question that money is attractive.

International Traveling Nurses: A Good Career Option

Travel nursing is a career choice that provides you the privilege to take short-term assignments across the country. If you are a licensed nurse who is contemplating to travel and gain financial success and stability, then becoming an international traveling nurses might just be the answer. Because nursing shortage is big, nurses are mostly in-demand. 

Hospitals as well as many other medical facilities are paying top dollars for travel nurses for filling in positions even for short periods. Not just that, they also cover other expenses such as housing and other benefits. 

The nursing position filled in by travel nurses usually lasts from 3 months to a year. This depends on the duration and distance from your home. But you can also customize your assignment duration depending on your needs. Because of this, employers often provide the basic needs of travel nurses. 

Some international traveling nurses job are meant to last for just a short period where they fill in or temporarily replace a full-time nurse who has left and a replacement has not been found. 

However, most hospitals try to encourage and recruit a travel nurse into a full-time job once they are happy with the performance and if the nurse is willing to take the position. This brings the traveling nurse into the driver’s seat where they can choose to work for a short term period with the possibility of making it as a permanent job. 

So how can you find an international traveling nurses job position? Actually, there are various huge medical facilities that advertise directly for nurses. But the easiest way of getting a position is by signing up with a nursing recruiter. 

There are many advantages with this kind of set-up like, you can narrow down your searches and get well-targeted options and a guaranteed minimum quality of living condition. 

However, one drawback is that, most recruiters take good amount of fees; hence, you might get compensation which can be lower than what you actually earn. But this is often worth it since you get to find the best nursing career and the ideal place where you exactly want with a very little searching.

In terms of compensation, international traveling nurses may earn from around 10-15% more than the staff nurse. Not to mention other staggering benefits and incentives. 

For many nurses, being a traveling nurse opens the opportunity to travel from other parts of the country and work to different working environments. This is a good expansion to one’s resume as the work experience is diverse. Above all that, a travel nurse has the power to choose his or her assignments. 

This is a good advantage as you have the capacity to control the jobs and nursing positions you accept. Unlike a staff position where usually, you are not required to report to work everyday as per schedule unless you are on assignment. Whenever you are in between assignments, it is now your discretion whether you accept or decline. Also, as a travel nurse, lots of bonuses are offered once assignments are completed.

International traveling nurses opens up great opportunities in the field. For nurses who are good, intelligent, determined, has the passion for the job, and is not adverse to relocation, being a travel nurse is a sure success! This is a good way to further heighten your experience, serve people, and get to know other places of the country that you are not familiar with. But this type of career is not for everyone, only those who want to try different things and travel fits this job.

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