Best Places to Sleep and Best Places to Drink in London

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Best Places to Sleep and Best Places to Drink in London

Cool place to sleep in London

"If he's tired of London, he's got to sleep somewhere."

1. Riverside Park Plaza

Okay, this is a chain I don't like. But check out this sight for afternoon tea with room service. You have to be high enough on the right to see Westminster. Therefore, please specify the correct room type when booking.
Choose a hotel like Park Plaza Riverbank for heavenly views

2. Captain's cabin Tower Bridge

There are some very unique Airbnb options in London, and the authentic, rather cramped captain's cabin aboard this tiny boat is actually a pretty well-known option.

3. Yurt Subway Station

Another funky option from Airbnb, and apparently the closest yurt in the world to broadcasters, though I can't imagine the competition is too strong for this title. Seriously, check out our London Airbnb listing, there are some real gems out there.

4 Courthouse Hotel, London

A refined and luxurious 5 star hotel located in the old court district which is located in the center of this city. I am a branch of everything in the changed buildings on the list; So this is the best advice from me.

5. Robbery

Fireplace, dark wood, four-poster bed, this is a property from a time when I can imagine Sherlock Holmes can't find anything wrong. These old houses in Clerkenwell have been beautifully restored and combined to make The Rookery an exclusive boutique hotel.

6. Hotel St Pancras

Hotel St. The legendary Pancras in a converted train station are perhaps one of the most beautiful in London and the price is definitely up to it. Even if you don't live here, drop in for some architecture.

There is a drinking place in London

Just in case this is news to you, we want to have a drink here in the UK and while I'm a fool for traditional pubs, there are plenty of fancy places to drink in the capital.

1. Detective agency

Super cool guy who is easy to talk to, a little bit hidden as the name suggests and if you want to get in I would be happy to develop him on their website.

2. Churchhill Arms

This pub is ONLY BEANS! It is literally covered in flowers on the outside, filled with tiny pieces of Churchill on the inside, and the kitchen is pumping up pasta. If that doesn't sum up London's diversity in one cup, I'm not sure what else it can do.

3. Sushi Samba

In the city of London, these funky bar houses are in the Heron Tower, and while it's a bit cliché, they keep it really old-fashioned. Personally, I think it's more of a place to have a drink, although there are plenty of dining tables too.

4. Cahoots at Carnaby

Another funky conversation - simple and this time in cool Carnaby, straight from Soho. Drinks come in many forms, from teacups to vases, and you can even drink them in old boxes. Great drinks and jokes from the team here we recommend.

5. toilet blade

So toilets in this case really mean these modern basement toilets and bars in Clapham housed in a 100 year old toilet block. For those who don't want to admit it, you can just call it the names in disguise, Wine & Charcuterie, both of which work really well.

6. Queen Hoxton

This late night bar / club is in one of the most exciting spots in town, and the venue itself is great, although some might say a little hipster depending on your taste.

7. God's Trash

The name is quite understandable here, lots of trash, lots of neon and lots of drinks. For some, that's cool, for others, it might be their worst nightmare, but it's still worth focusing on at least one.

8. Cocktail bar with rules

One of the most classic and traditional bars in London where my good friend Brian served pretty amazing drinks over the years before going to work at Balthazar. It also claims to be London's oldest restaurant.

9. Bar Escapologist

Something in this bar is so cool, the dark wood, the paintings, the tiles. The Victorian style is not very good for a pizza menu, but the drinks and food are great.

10. The bar in the Victorian bathroom

This Class II building looks great on the outside, but the real magic is inside. A truly hidden gem and I highly recommend you give it a try here.

11. Wing City Bar

Put your keys back in your pocket. They are swingers because there is crazy golf out there. Yes, in the band. Genius. Have fun, have fun!

12. Gordon's Wine Bar

This underground cave, which sells many famous wines from around the world, is comfortable but also extraordinary. Wine is drunk on the long terrace next to Nasip station in the summer, but this is the interior I really like after years of drinking here, although it is often difficult to get a table or even a place to stand.


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