Everything You Want to Know About Sell Your Car in the UAE

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Publish Date : 2020-11-22 15:57:29

Everything You Want to Know About Sell Your Car in the UAE

Exchanging your car 

Most if not all businesses in the UAE offer the administration and somehow or another, it tends to be simpler as you can utilize the cash picked up towards your new car. Also you don't need to promote your vehicle online available to be purchased. 


  • Will just take only hours to figure out as you will just need to meet one individual. 

  • You won't need to be without a car for long if the vendor has a similar car your intending to purchase. 

  • On the off chance that your confused or stall out with the desk work, they will have somebody there to assist you with what's required. 


  • Not all vendors will offer money on the detect; some may not manage money immediately, which means your car will be sold on a transfer premise. 

  • Select sellers may not considerably offer an exchange manage your vehicle on the off chance that it is from a specific brand (or they may just offer an exceptionally low exchange cost). 

  • Cars bought through the bank can't be exchanged if there are any extraordinary charges. There are a couple of sellers in the UAE that can make an exemption. 

Selling your car to a car purchasing business 

In the UAE there are car buyers Dubai that will purchase the car from you straightforwardly with no compelling reason to promote it or take it to a seller and exchange it. 

 There are various them out there with all professing to purchase your car inside 30 minutes or less in three simple advances. All offer free online car assessment which gives you a harsh thought of what you can hope to be paid for your vehicle. 


  • You'll get either money, a check or a bank move endorsement there and afterward. 

  • Negligible time squandered as you just need to go to one area and see one individual. 

  • All organizations that offer this administration will control you through the desk work and as a rule, they will deal with it completely. 


  • They'll give you a reasonable cost. Be that as it may, you won't get the value you're searching for. 

  • In the event that you have a car credit that hasn't been paid off, they won't accepting the car from you until it's been cleared. 

  • Despite the fact that they state they purchase any car, cars that are in a non-working condition, intensely harmed and so on, they won't accepting from you. 

Note: Some of the organizations situated in the UAE will even purchase cars that actually have forthcoming bank credits. 

Records you'll have to sell your car 

Prior to going out to surge over to the RTA focus, guarantee you have the accompanying; 

  • Enrollment card; must be the first and is generally alluded to as Mulkia. 

  • Emirates ID/Passport; some case duplicates are normal, 

Sellers must be available at the RTA despite the fact that if unrealistic, you can allow someone else intensity of lawyer to follow up for your benefit. 

Reports the buyer will require 

Just on the off chance that the buyer is unconscious, these are the archives they'll have to finish the cycle 

  • Substantial protection for the vehicle; can be bought nearby. 

  • Identification with living arrangement visa (must be unique) 

  • Emirates ID 

Legitimate UAE driving permit 

Note; If the buyer has a visa in another Emirate that varies to the one they need to enlist it, the buyer should give documentation that they live in said Emirate which can be either an occupancy contract with a flow water/power bill in their name or property possession records (must be unique). 

In the event that sell your car Dubai to a buyer in another Emirate and need some assistance, look at our guide here. 


Note that there is an exchange expense of AED 100 + the typical AED 20 information/advancement charge. 

Presently that all that else has been figured out, it's the ideal opportunity for cash to trade hands. Money close by is the most ideal approach to do it. Simply make the most of sure you each bill before the buyer leaves. 

General tips on the most proficient method to sell your car 

Regardless of whether this is your first time or you've sold a couple of cars secretly, there's consistently one inquiry everybody has at the forefront of their thoughts; "What are the principles/laws when selling your car?" 

  • Try not to put any signs on your vehicle (even inside) expressing your vehicle is available to be purchased as by law in the UAE, this training is unlawful and can bring about your vehicle being seized. 

  • Try not to wash your car in the city, take it to the car wash. Washing the car out and about will bring about an AED 100 fine. 

  • Don't under any conditions acknowledge checks as a type of installment when selling your car. 

  • Continuously meet invested individuals face to face.

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