Guidelines for Travelling in Taxis Across the UK Amidst COVID-19 in 2021

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Publish Date : 2021-02-18 05:49:36

Guidelines for Travelling in Taxis Across the UK Amidst COVID-19 in 2021

Whether you're a Briton or a tourist, following the UK's travelling protocols is a must. After detecting the new corona strand with the UK, the government has outlaid strict travel restrictions, and even if you have to travel amongst the lockdown, you have to follow them.

Implementation of Nation-Wide Lockdown

As you're well aware that nationwide lockdown was imposed throughout England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, when the COVID-19 cases started rising within the country. As per the current lockdown regulations, no one can leave home unless or until exempted by the law. All offices that can operate have been switched to remote working once again. However, if your work requires you to be physically present, you're allowed to travel following the protocols. Even if that means you have to take the Manchester airport taxis to work.

Moreover, people are allowed to go out for volunteer work, education, childcare, and necessary shopping. Similarly, you can go out for medical reasons, childcare, exercising (once a day), funerals, collaborative work, animal welfare, and to visit someone who's dying.

It is advised to use personal convenience for travelling, but if you don't own one, then there are taxis still running which you can take for travelling. However, to travel via public transport such as taxis or private hire vehicles, one has to abide by the rules.

Guidelines for Travelling Via Taxi across England

To fully apprehend the on-going pandemic situation in England, we will throw some light on the currently applicable travelling restrictions within England.

No Sharing or Taxi pooling

Although there are taxis running today, no taxi sharing is allowed as per the new lockdown protocols. Besides the driver, no passenger is allowed to share the ride with anyone other than family or friends or within your support bubble. However, if it's indispensable and given the circumstances that you can't avoid it, you can share the ride.

Safety Protocols for Drivers

Whether you're driving a taxi or a PHV, i.e., privately hired vehicles, you are required to get yourself tested before you start driving. Drivers are needed to understand the gravity of the situation and act accordingly.

Therefore, drivers have to understand the risks involved and act in ways that help protect themselves and their fellow passengers.

Protocols for Travelling

 Moreover, the government has also clearly defined and given safety protocols to follow while the driver is giving the ride. Let's take a look at them:

Passenger Pickups

Whenever you are going to pick up a passenger, you should inquire them about the following:

  • Whether the passenger has Covid-19 symptoms or not, i.e., fever, cough, or loss of smell and taste.
  • Has been tested corona positive in the past ten days.

The driver should refuse to carry the passenger if they have any of the above.

Additionally, the driver should wash or sanitize their hands whenever they contact a passenger or their luggage. The driver has to do this every time before and after coming in contact with the passenger.

Nevertheless, the driver has to assist in case the passenger is disabled or elderly. Furthermore, the driver should adequately assist the disabled to enter and exit the vehicle safely.

Similarly, the driver should show the passenger their face while maintaining a social distance to identify you from your profile.

Likewise, the passenger needs to have complete knowledge regarding lockdown rules as well. Even if the passengers aren't following the travelling and social distancing protocols, the driver must make them follow it.

However, even if they aren't following the rules, you cannot refuse to carry them.

While Carrying the Passenger in Your Vehicle

A ubiquitous question that most of the passengers ask is that

"Do you have to wear a mask in a taxi?"

And the answer to this one is yes; you are required to wear a mask while you're travelling in the cab. According to the lockdown spanning protocols, the passenger must keep their face covered while they're travelling in the vehicle. Doing so not only keeps the passenger safe but also ensures that the driver is safe.

Moreover, if a passenger isn't wearing a face mask, the driver reserves the right to refuse to carry them.

If you take a taxi to Manchester, you’re required to wear a mask. However, the driver isn't required to cover their face while driving, but it's better safe than sorry. Therefore, we recommend that you should wear one while you go because it will keep you safe and also your family secure. Nonetheless, sometimes your company will restrict you to wear a facemask while you're driving if you can easily do it after wearing one.

Similarly, drivers have to remove their masks if the passenger is hard of hearing or deaf to communicate with them properly.

Also, the drivers should ensure that the passengers sit at a distance far away from them. For this, either you can put a permanent mark on your back seat or verbally tell the passengers about it.

Besides, the windows should be open while you're carrying the passengers to their said destinations. Do not use the car's ac as ventilated air can help in spreading the virus.

Finishing the Ride Dropping the Passengers Off   

The government officials recommend that the drivers should opt for contactless payment if it's possible. Otherwise, they must wash their hands properly with soap after touching the money in case of taking cash.

Similarly, the drivers should remind their passengers to sanitize their hands before leaving the vehicle.

Getting Your Car Ready for the Next Ride

As you're well aware that Covid-19 is spreading through tiny droplets present in the air, and the larger droplets fall on the surfaces and stick there. However, small droplets, i.e., aerosols, can stay in the mood for as much as 5 minutes if the air is moving and even longer if there isn't any ventilation.

Therefore, getting your car correctly sanitized after every ride is essential. To do so, the driver should

  • Properly clean and sanitize the surfaces that the passengers have touched. For instance, door handles, POS machines, seats, and protective screens should be cleaned after every ride.
  • Leave the doors of the car for at least 5 minutes in case any COVID-19 aerosols are present.
  • Wash hands with soap and lather for 20 seconds or sanitize them.


These are some of the basic travelling protocols issued by the UK government to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Therefore, whether you're travelling as a passenger or are a driver yourself, you should abide by them to keep yourself and your family safe.

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