How can a Student Make the Most of his Student life in Tokyo

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How can a Student Make the Most of his Student life in Tokyo

Known as Japan’s busiest capital, Tokyo stands witness to larger enrollments in most of the top ranked universities like University of Tokyo, Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Waseda University, and Tokyo University of Science, to name a few. Here are the essential features that make Tokyo ideally suited to study destinations with university students to make the most of their student life.

Prestigious Universities

Tokyo has many universities, junior colleges, and vocational schools imparting excellence in education and awarding degrees in various disciplines. Most of the prestigious universities of Japan are in Tokyo and close to popular accommodations in Tokyo. The academic institutions include the University of Tokyo, Keio University, Tokyo University of Science, Hitotsubashi University, Waseda University, including some of the biggest national universities in Tokyo namely National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Ochanomizu University, Tokyo International University and the University of Electro-Communications. With so many universities to choose, Tokyo leaves no exception when it comes to higher studies in Japan and is also the headquarters of the United Nations University. All these universities are strategically located close to student accommodation Tokyo.

Places to Explore in Tokyo

Students who are planning to settle down in affordable housing Tokyo, will have ample scope to explore the city during their leisure time. Students can plan exciting weekend trips in and around the city attractions that include nearby attractions like The Imperial Palace, Ueno Park and Zoo, The Sensō-ji Temple, Tokyo National Museum, The Meiji Shrine, and Tokyo National Museum, to name a few.

Public Transport in Tokyo

Public transport in Tokyo is operated by a network of trains and subways including buses, monorails, and trams acting as secondary options. The train forms the primary mode of transport having an extensive urban railway network in the world. The Yamanote Line loop servicing commuters to downtown Tokyo is the busiest of all. Most of the student accommodation in Tokyo makes travelling around the city quite easy with the well-connected transport network. The nearest bus stop and the Akadoshogakko Mae station are in close proximity from most of the residences.

Student Accommodations in Tokyo

Students pursuing higher degrees can stay rest assured of the availability of student accommodations with some well-known in the list of quality student accommodation for university students. Accommodations like Princess Court Ohanajaya are an excellent student accommodation to stay at for those who are new to the city. Tokyo University of Science Katsushika is just a 23-minutes’ ride via public transport while the Tokyo University of the Arts is just 30-minutes’ away by public transport. Other accommodations like Princess Court Daizawa are located in the best areas of the city, ending the quest for those in search for a perfect place to live. Students in Tokyo will be in a good spot to get to universities. All student accommodations are available with onsite amenities like shared kitchen, laundry room, bicycle parking, CCTV, and secure door entry. Utility bills are included in the rent, thus, saving an ample amount on the budget.

With the aforementioned features mentioned, Tokyo is the best study destination to attain higher degrees for university students. There are websites like University Living which is a global student housing marketplace offering services to ensure 100% safe student accommodation Tokyo for students on a budget. Students also get easy viability with regards to utility shops, recreational zones, top-rated restaurants, important heritage sites in the city and other places of interest that can be reached quite easily. Students, therefore, can really enjoy their student life and be less stressful in a new city.

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