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Himachal Pradesh the heart of India who present the real beauty of India in front of others. Whenever people plan to live within in the nature, breath the fresh air, relief from his daily stressful life to recharge his vibes must search the place in himachal range like Best Place To Visit In Himachal, Best Trekking Place In Himachal. Himachal bless with a lot of trekking field and people love to explore the himachal trekking trek. KHEERGANGA is the very famous place for trekking. Every trekker must to explore the KHEERGANGA trek in his life experience. The beauty of KHEERGANGA hide the amazing things for trekkers that every trekker want an totally different trekking experience with unlimited fun.  

 Now come to the point which excite a mountain lover most that is trekking. Trekking is the only way to feel the mountain by its own and natural way. Himachal Pradesh is a paradise for trekkers who dares to reach the heights of Himalayan ranges. The Trek Of KHEERGANGA offers various kinds of treks for beginners and experts also. There are trek routes for every season you want to travel. Snow lovers are mostly go for winter treks who like to enjoy minus temperatures but there are some summer treks too which offers clear views of Himalayan ranges.

In this article I will let you know about the real trekking experience of KHEERGANGA how it consider as  Best Trekking Place In Himachal. Here you will get every details which you should know before making a concrete plan.

We basically focous on how we maintain our trekking budget, how maximum travelling time it will take, tings you need to carry, all the local fair normal hotel / restaurant rent that hit to your budget. All I explain in deep brief at SASTATREK.COM. How you make a Under Budget Trek for you as sab se sastatrek.


Guidance Includes: Best Trekking Place In Himachal

  • How to travel
  • Things to Explore
  • Timings (includes total traveling time, market open timings and transport moving time)
  • Total Expenses (including all cost spending on the trip)
  • Travel Cost:
  • Staying Cost(Hostel Rent):
  • Normal local Transport Fair:
  • Food Cost:

Kheerganga Trek

1. Delhi to Kheerganga distance: 533 km

  • Delhi to Bhuntar via bus: 481 km
  • Bhuntar to Kasol via local bus: 30 km
  • Kasol to Barshaini via local bus: 16 km
  • Barshaini to Kheerganga trekking: 13 km

KHEERGANGA TREK VIA KASOL - Best Trekking Place In Himachal

Kheerganga is a paradise for mountain lovers and offers some magnificent view of the valleys which will definitely give you a life time experience. Kasol is small village in the lap of mountains is known for its herbs and flea market which is known as the Amsterdam of India. Kheerganga is one of the famous destinations of trekkers in Himachal Pradesh. This trekking route is situated at the elevation of 9,750 feet above the sea level. The place is situated at the extreme end of Parvati valley. It is the last village on the way to the famous pin valley which goes via Pin-Parvati pass.

This trek is easy to moderate if comes to the difficulty level. You have to be physically fit and mentally strong and that is enough to plan for this trek. There are some magnetic waterfalls on the route and after crossing that you will get some cafes  which offers local foods and some international foods too. The place is well known for the hot water spring which astonish every travelers and this particular thing make this place at under Best Trekking Place In Himachal. You have to walk for 24 kilometres to complete this trek and you should carry your own tent to reduce the cost. The last ATM you will get is at Kasol so try to carry enough cash with you.

How the Trek it be done …..

Day 1: Delhi to Kasol – From Manali Highway (500 Kms)

Day 2: Trekking to Kheerganga via Kalga Village

Day 3: Trek back from Kheerganga to Kasol

Kheerganga Weather

  • Kheerganga Trek in Summer (March – May): Kheerganga temperatures ranging between 10°C and 28°C, Kheerganga is a delight to visit in the summer.
  • Kheerganga Trek in Monsoon (June – September): Kheerganga temperatures ranging between 21°C and 27°C.
  • Kheerganga Trek in Winter (October – February): Kheerganga Temperature in the winter, with a minimum of -15°C and a maximum of 15°C.

Important things to carry on Trek

  • 1. Warm clothes
  • 2. Raincoat
  • 3. Trekking stick
  • 4. Torchlight with extra batteries
  • 5. Tent
  • 6. Sleeping bag
  • 7. Photo identity card

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