Tips for traveling in London

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Tips for traveling in London


“Tips for traveling in London.” 


We all know London. 

The city where fancy afternoon teas are served, the Queen rules, twee red buses on the roads which commonly only seen on countless TV shows and movie sets, Enfield Cabs are ubiquitous, and Big Beg, Museums, and buildings and Palaces with the key characteristics back to the Roman age. Clock Tower and British monarch coronations.  

How exciting is it to visit!  

Like popping out at landmark after landmark soaking up all the London vibe. 

Little Wonder London is one of the world's leading tourism destinations and the city home to various famous tourist attractions in the world. Sure. One can make the most out of a London trip by exploring the best sightseeing locations without running out of unique things to do if he has a little insider knowledge about it.  


Here are some travel tips for London that will help to make your trip the best: 


  • Buy a London Pass: 

As a tourist, London isn't cheap for you at all. It can seem like the city is burning a hole in your pocket between high hotel costs and steep entry fees for some of the most famous sights. Buying a London Pass is the most helpful; it will give you access to 80+ top attractions, a hop-on-hop-off tour bus, and a fast-track entry.  

What includes in London Pass? 

  • Visit 80+ top sights and attractions that include The Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Windsor Castle, and much more! 

  • Just visiting three top attractions will save you at least £20 per day on entry prices.  

  • Get your digital pass instantly — print it at home or use it right on your mobile device. You are all set to explore London! 

  • Save time — get fast track entry to some of London's busiest attractions 

  • Enjoy the city — the pass includes a sightseeing bus tour that lets you hop on and off at your leisure. 

  • Get the most out of your visit — a free digital guidebook will help you plan your time in London. 

  • Enjoy special offers at a variety of restaurants and shops. 



  • Get an Oyster Card: 

A world-class transport system exists in London, which is quite costly for even on a single pocket. Luckily for it, one can cut on an easy way by the use of Oyster card for all the public transports that include bus, Tube, DLR, tram, Uber Boat by Thames Clippers River bus service, London Overground and most National Rail services in London. Using an Oyster Card is like using a paper ticket for a fraction of the cost. And your card is delivered to you and ready to use as soon as you arrive in London. 


  • Hire an online minicab: 

As travel and transport, service is all the way the most expensive thing in London. So, for it, due to the excessive use of vehicles, finding access to convenient transportation can be challenging. That's for the fast and equally dependable online taxi for all the Greater London area is the best option. It will reduce the need to use any public transport. The platform for an online taxi service will provide a preferable booking and quick payment system for the rider through the online car-hailing applications, which even solves the asymmetry problems between the driver and passengers effectively. These minicabs are the best choice of tourists for shorter travel routes and even for the long way.  


  • Skip the Hop on Hop off Buses: 

Hop on Hop Off London Buses - if you want to learn a little about the city and its sights while touring London's sights and for not walking at all, then these are great sources to travel. Still, Unadventurous. To be clear, we're talking about a public transport route you can pay for using your Oyster Card, which will whisk you by many of London's sights - except you get to rub shoulders with locals and do it all at your own pace.  


  • Eat at a Street Food Markets:  

London is one of the cities with an impressive food street market. It is even widely known for the variety of international cuisines on the local market scale. For any Food lover, London is a dream come true. There are several pubs and restaurants worth visiting during your holidays in London, still not to forget all the street food market scattered throughout the city. From the historic Boroughs food market to the newly established Maltby Street, there is no shortage of food palace.  

Some of the famous Food markets are: 

  • Borough market. 

  • Camden market. 

  • Maltby Street market. 

  • Whitecross street market.  

  • Leather Lane market.  

  • Brockley market. 

  • Broadway market.  

  • Berwick street market. 


Check their hours/days of operation before visiting, as these do not run every day! 


  • Free Walking Tours:   

You can find many free walking tours in London - take advantage of them to see the sights and learn about the city's long and distinguished history. Although technically the terms are accessible, I prefer to give at least something in return for the guide's time and effort - even though you are not required to pay anything.  


  • South Bank Walk: 

Wandering around a city is the best way to get to know it. Especially when the weather is nice, you can stroll around for hours. We prefer to do so in London. There is a lot to discover on a walking tour in the UK capital, which makes it so fascinating - you don't even need a map for it.  Start with the Tower Bridge on South Bank and go to the London Eye and the Houses of Westminster - along the way, you'll see The Shard, London Bridge, The Globe Theatre, St Paul's Cathedral, The London Eye, as well as The Southbank Centre. Its itinerary includes the entire length of the riverside pedestrian path known as The Queen's Walk.  


  • Visit as Many Museums as Possible: 

London is one of the great cities in the world for museums and galleries. You can easily find your taste got in national museums, British Museum, The Natural history museum in Kensington. It is possible to find museums on weird and local subjects, Sigmund Freud, cartoons, advertising, and medicine. There are more than 170 of them. There are many great museums and historic sites in London that are free to enter.  


  • Off the Beaten Track: 

When visiting London, everybody mainly knows the main sights, but another London operates right along the commonly knows location. Getting away from the crowds will give you a chance to explore the pocket of town that you may not have seen.  


These places include: 

  • Canal Museum and Canal boat ride that will help you to know the history back for the canal.  

  • The Museum for brands, packaging, and advertisement. It will give you details of the adverts from two hundred years ago and a glimpse of future advertising.  

  • The Churchill Arm is a true London treasure on the main roads of Highly Street Kensington. 

  • Kensington Roof Garden is a 1½ acres garden raised on the 6th floor of Barker's department store. 

  • Horniman Museum is a house with a massive collection of natural history anthropology and musical instruments. 

  • The Old Operating Theater is the only surviving Victorian operating theatre.   Give a chance to explore the theatre, where it helps the people practice operation through their crafts.  


  • Before you travel, download these handy apps:  

Download these apps to help you plan your London trip and turn your phone into your travel guide.  

  • London Pass App - An app is containing all the information about London Pass. If you prefer not to purchase a physical pass, you can also do it on the app.  

  • Using the Google Maps App can help you even in the darkest of times and when you're most lost. You can use the map of London without data by offloading it.  

  • Using London's complicated public transportation system, City mapper shows you the quickest route between two destinations. You can choose between bus and rail options.  

  • Get a quick overview of the Tube map and avoid the hassle of crane your neck overcrowded stations. 


Visit London areas with Ilford Cabs premium service and enjoy your travel. 

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