Travel Guide To Huangshan With China Southern Airlines

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Travel Guide To Huangshan With China Southern Airlines

Located in east-central China, Huangshan City benefits from abundant natural and cultural resources. You can enjoy this place with China Southern Airlines whenever you want. We want to introduce you to some of the most famous places in Huangshan.

To help you find your way to explore its magnificent mountain views, peaceful ancient towns and centuries-old architectures-built hundreds of years ago, etc.

When Should You Visit Huangshan?

You can visit Huangshan at any time of the year, and that will be the best time. Different seasons may meet the other charms of Huangshan. A green mountain in the spring, a resort town in the summer, a choice of climbing in the fall, and a snow-covered land in the winter, Huangshan is always attractive.

· Spring

Spring in Huangshan from March to May is the best time to visit Huangshan and take a spring trip. In April, the average temperature on Mt. Huangshan is at 10 degrees Celsius. Walking on the mountain path, you will get closer to the green source all the time.

In spring, blossoms sprout, trees become green, streams dissolve, birds arise, every one of these things presents to you an upbeat state of mind in Huangshan. You can see the sunrise over the top of the mountain in the morning. The higher you go up the mountain, the colder you will feel.

· Summer

Summer in Huangshan from June to August is the peak tourist season. On the mountain, summer is calm and quiet on a cloudy day, but beware; you risk getting burned when the clouds clear. The wettest months are May through August, with 300mm or more of rain each month. Huangshan is a great place for the summer resort because of its unique location and good air quality.

Summer is the best time to visit the Huangshan Sea of ​​Clouds, one of the four famous mountain features. In summer, visitors cannot carry umbrellas due to thunderstorms as the wind can catch them and cause falls down the mountain. Raincoats are preferable.

· Autumn

If you want to visit Huangshan with China Southern Airlines in Autumn, then September to November is the most relaxing time, and the scenery is stunning. In mid-October of each year, Huangshan enters the best fall foliage viewing period. The excellence of Huangshan'sHuangshan's harvest time leaves is not the same as different spots. The colours of the autumn leaves are vibrant, and they are intertwined with pine trees.

Yellow Mountain is probably the best spot to appreciate the fall foliage in China, peering down on the gorges and valleys' deciduous trees. The pines, of course, retain their green needles.

· Winter

Winter in Huangshan from December to February is considered a beautiful time in Huangshan. This period can be regarded as the best time to visit Huangshan smog. You can take some pretty spectacular photos.

Winter, the longest of the four seasons, is cold without being severe, although it can freeze over the mountain, and spectacular snow landscapes are seen every year.

What Should You Visit in the Huangshan?

· Mount Huangshan

Located in the southern part of Anhui Province, Yellow Mountain is one of China's best mountain view sites and is known as the best mountain in China. It presents imposing peaks, grotesque rocks, cliffs, fantastic caves, and those peculiarities that make the hill exceptional, among others. Yellow Mountain is famous for having all the characteristics of mountain landscapes.

Due to weather conditions, cloudiness, the region'sregion's natural landscapes are changing beyond forecast. It'sIt's a stunning place that you must not miss whenever you book cheap flights to China.

· Xidi Village

Located in the southern part of Yixian County, just 40 km south of the famous Yellow Mountain Scenic Site, Xidi Village is known for its unique and elegant wooden houses:

  • Prettified walls preventing rain infiltration
  • Tiles blacks recording the history of the city
  • Decorative door towers representing the unique flavour of architecture

Most of the 300 houses in the village were built in the Ming and Qing dynasties, of which 124 have been well preserved, fully reflecting the architectural style of Anhui Province. The actual history of this village dates back some 900 years to the Song Dynasty under Emperor Huangyou.

Upon entering the village of Xidi, people will find the road patterns evident. The main road only runs east-west and is flanked by two parallel streets.

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· Hongcun Village

Only 19 km from Xidi village, HongcunVillage is a special place with a cattle-like layout. Located southwest of the famous Yellow Mountain, facing South Lake, the original inhabitants of Hongcun creatively built the excellent artificial water system around the village. Nowadays, the calm water reflected the well-preserved Ming and Qing style architectures constructed along the canal and lake, forming a peaceful and reassuring image.

With a marbled floor, black tiles, cool red lanterns, elaborate woodcarvings, and an incredibly complete water system, it is known as the famous imperial palaces. It was inscribed on the List of World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000.

These are the most important things that you need to know before visiting Huangshan with China Southern Airlines.

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