Visit Turkey This Summer With Turkish Airline Flights

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Visit Turkey This Summer With Turkish Airline Flights

Visit Turkey this summer with Turkish Airline flights to explore off the beaten paths. Here the best opportunities that you can find there.

Travelers still underestimate eastern Turkey, but we recommend visiting it with Turkish Airline Flights this summer. To you Istanbul, Cappadocia, the sunny beaches of the southwest, and Pamukkale! But pushing your trip further east after Cappadocia, it's a whole other country that stretches out its arms to you with:

  • Mystical statutes
  • Immense lakes
  • Volcanic crater
  • The cradle of the Muslim religion
  • Capital of pistachio

Capital of Pistachio

Arrived in Gaziantep after Cappadocia, you will immediately have the impression of leaving the known grounds. Here, the inhabitants are much less used to tourists, and the tour operators of Cappadocia seem far away.

Try to arrive very early in the morning at the bus station. The Bazaar is much more authentic and colorful than the one in Istanbul, and the vendors much more welcoming.

Here you will have to learn one word and the only one, which is pistachio. The region is one of the most important producers in the world, and the displays are impressive.

Collection of Mosaics

Another fascinating aspect of Gaziantep is its collection of mosaics dating back to Roman times, inspiring you if you love history and visiting Turkey with Turkish Airline Flights. One of the most beautiful in the world! The centerpiece of the collection is this mosaic depicting a gypsy whose gaze is fascinating.

Even if you are not a fan of old stones, archeology, or mosaics, you still would appreciate it as you might never have seen anything like it in your travels. The museum is magnificent, immense and the scenography very well thought out, allowing visitors to walk in the heart of Roman remains exceptionally well preserved or restored.

And to think that all these parts almost disappeared during the construction of a dam!

Pious City

Gaziantep and Sanliurfa, although separated by a few tens of kilometers, are towns of a radically opposite character. Gaziantep is a lively, commercial, dynamic city, while Sanliurfa (Urfa) is a holy, calm, discreet city. Both are located a few kilometers from the Syrian border. However, they have very different architectures. Sanliurfa has a much more pronounced Middle Eastern character.

It is a trendy pilgrimage place that holds a special place in Muslims' hearts in the region. You will keep a vivid memory of dinner during Ramadan, in the middle of the inhabitants waiting for the call of Muezzin to start the meal.

Jewels of Muslim Architecture

The arrival in Mardin is through a long-haul bus that is still so comfortable that it will remind you of your air travel as well. The straight lines across the plain of Mesopotamia will never end. Then suddenly, a high hill and the arrival in a modern and charmless city.

Although the streets of Mardin were undergoing total renovation at the time of my visit, causing unnamed chaos in the city. You will find memories of this city, its colors, architecture, and especially this breathtaking view of the plains.

The shaded and lively streets of the market lead to the great mosque with its impressive minaret. In addition to that, you can stay in many palaces at a ridiculous price in the off-season.

Giant Statutes for Megalomaniac Monarch

Discovered by chance in 1881, this strange tomb houses the remains of a local lord and all his family. Located at the top of a medium mountain massif, you can get there on foot from the first barrier of the site or better by hitchhiking. The place is truly magical at sunrise or sunset. You can choose one or do both if you sleep there!

The statuses are truly mystical, and the more the light declines at the end of the day, the more the colors ignite the statues and the surrounding mountains. To enjoy the site at any time, plan to sleep there. The small pension at the entrance to the site is run by a hot family, specializing in trout breeding!

Mystical Island

The Tatvan Nemrut volcano is one of the most considerable complete rates in the world. Somewhat tricky to access, this crater offers sensational landscapes, both lunar and very green, on the edge of two large lakes where you can spend a night. The following day, after this unforgettable experience, go to the pier to take the ferry, which, unique in the world, allows the wagons of the train that connects Turkey to Iran to pass.

Therefore, the wagons are loaded on board, as well as the passengers, and will take nearly 5 hours to reach the other side. That day, only a few passengers were on board, and the crew gave us a memorable welcome, offering us tea, making us visit every nook and cranny of the boat, from the staff cabins to the command post.

There you have it. These are the best off-the-beaten tracks that you must explore this summer with Turkish Airline flights.

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