Windows 10 Update Stuck – How To Fix It?

Author : annilchauhan
Publish Date : 2020-05-13 11:13:17

Windows 10 Update Stuck – How To Fix It?

Today everyone uses computer systems or smartphones. To run the application on your computer or smartphone you need to have an operating system in it. And also need to take care that the operating system is up to date. Today operating systems updates are very essential to work on any devices to run the applications smoothly.

Microsoft has tried to make the operating systems updates pain free in the recent versions of the operating systems. The most recent versions operating systems from Microsoft are Windows 8, 9, and 10. In most of the new desktops or laptops windows, 10 is being given pre-installed. So today's article is about the updates of windows 10. What if Windows 10 Update Stuck in between while updating the operating system? This article will help you out to get this fixed.

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So Now Let’s See How To Fix Windows 10 Update Stuck

  • Are Updates Stuck

The first point I would like to clear you all is that the updates for windows 10 never actually get stuck. So you should make sure if the updates are stuck or not.

If you are not in a hurry so I would suggest waiting for a couple of hours, especially if your system works slower than usual, till then you can watch a movie. You may say I am talking weird but would suggest you not to interfere in these fundamental processes of unless if know about it.

  • Restart System Again And Again

Do you know why the system needs to be restarted, so this is the cliché of IT support? Many times it works, there is nothing magic in this. This only clears the temporary memory of your system and allows your system to start again from the initial point.

If the updates are stuck in the background and still have control over your system you can restart the system in the normal way, like you to it always. If the updates are stuck before loading the OS or after loading the OS then you need to hard restart your system. Simply hold on the power button of your system until it gets shut down and start it again. Before doing so make sure updates are not in progress, as this may cause some other issues too. 

  • Make Sure You Have Checked Windows Updates Utility

Click on the start menu and select the settings option, in that click on the Update & Security option. If there is anything wrong with the updates you can get that in this option. Many times you will see the message that try updating the windows once again.

You may check the Advanced Options tab as well, in that check the View Your Update History, you will see there the recently done updates which were successful. Microsoft has made the Windows 10 updates very much simpler and easier so you may get very few errors.

  • Run The Troubleshooter From Microsoft

Microsoft knows your pain and also the update process can be stuck due to errors, for that reason they have developed the troubleshooter option. You may search for the old control panel option and then select the Fix Problems And Windows Update option.

  • Start Windows In Safe Mode

In the safe mode option the windows will start but with very basic applications. In Windows 10 you will have to Hold on the Shift key, and then choose the power and restart option from the Windows Home Screen.

On the next page you will see the options, Troubleshoot, Advanced Options, Startup Settings And Restart, and then the Start in Safe Mode option. Start the windows in safe mode option and try to update the Windows once again.

  • Go Back With The System Restore Option

The system restore option is the old method of troubleshooting in Windows for many years. You can go to this option and select the date and time from when you have windows update problem and click ok. This process will not affect any of your data. This might help you out with the troubleshooting.

This option is hidden in the Windows 10. For this option in Windows 10 you need to go to the Control Panel, then Systems, then System Protection, and then click on the System Restore option. In this wizard you can select the Show More Restore Points to see all available options.

  • Delete The Windows Update Cache Files (Part I)

If the fourth option in this list i.e. the windows troubleshooting is not working you can go for this option manually on your own.

First, you need to start the system in the safe mode option, and then select the command prompt option. A new text box will appear on the screen. You need to type “net stop wuauserv” and then hit enter, and follow with the “net stop bits” and hit enter again.

  • Delete The Windows Update Cache Files (Part II)

Start the windows in safe mode, and navigate through the C:WindowsSoftwareDistribution folder and delete everything you see in that folder. Don't worry nothing of your data will be deleted, these are just the temporary files that get saturated there.

Once this is done, you need to go to the command prompt, type “net stop wuauserv” and enter, then “net stop bits” again enter and you will get the windows updates and the related background services with it and can be run again. I hope so this trick fixes the update problem.

  • Scan Your System For Virus

One of the reasons why your windows update couldn't be done is the virus or some spyware are blocking to update the windows in your system. Some of the malicious apps can stop the update patches to get installed.

You need to scan your system for viruses or spyware fully. After the scan is done you can again start the windows updating.

  • Reset The Windows

This is the last option I would suggest to you. To reset the Windows 10 means, putting all the files back in the factory default setting, which will not harm your data. You can find this option in the Recovery tab on the Update & Security windows.

Conclusion: This is all about the troubleshooting part of the Windows 10 update stuck. I hope so your Windows update gets fix using any of these options.

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