A Beginner’s Guide: Everything About Advertising for YouTube

Author : VictoriaDaniel
Publish Date : 2020-10-06 10:41:37

A Beginner’s Guide: Everything About Advertising for YouTube

Not only is YouTube crowded with billions of users, but also it has about one-third of the population on the internet. Every day the users check out a billion hours of videos by producing billions of views. As a fact, YouTube on apps alone reaches more about 18 to 49 years old than any other competitor network in the U.S. 

Based on the State of video marketing report in 2018, 81% of users are ready to buy a service or product after viewing their brand’s video. Additionally, 76% of the businesses state that the videos helped their sales to increase. Finally, we will discuss some of the YouTube marketing tricks and tips which can help to make your video go successful. 

Defining YouTube Advertising:

YouTube advertising is made through Google Ads; it is considered the best method for advertising your video content or searching results, where you can increase your reach tremendously.

Different sorts of YouTube Ads:

  1. Non-skippable instream ads

  2. TrueView ads

  3. Bumper instream ads

  4. Overlay ads

  5. Display ads

  6. Sponsored card ads


Before making up the initial campaign, it’s essential to know every YouTube ad model. In that method, we can create an ad for the products or the service you are working on YouTube. 

Non-skippable ads: 

In this ad type, the audience isn’t able to jump them. As the viewers have less access to the ads, they range between the 15 to 20 seconds of time duration. Some of the non-skippable ads that play a little part away on the ten minutes or longer are called a mid-rolling non-skippable YouTube ad. 

But, the advertisers also pay for this type of ads on the CPM basis, which means that advertisers pay a fee per thousand views. As a matter of fact, it is vital to maintain your advertising budget and also to avoid poor results. 

TrueView Discovery Ads:

This TrueView discovery ad gets displayed within the YouTube search results and in the watch pages’ right sidebar above the suggested videos list.

The ads comprise three lines of text and image thumbnail, where tapping on the discovery ad for a movie teaser shown above the organic search results:

By tapping on the discovery, ads will take the users to the relevant channel page or the YouTube watch page to check the video. 

Bumper Ads:

Bumper ads are available to YouTube marketers. These non-skippable ads play earlier to the viewer’s chosen video clips, and it is approximately less than six seconds long.

Here advertisers pay based on the CPM, where a lot of brands implement them as a part of the more massive YouTube advertising campaigns consisting of the other ad nature. 

These types of ads are suitable for testimonials, product demos, and stories. Yet the six seconds time limit is an entirely perfect accelerator for creativity. 

For more inspiration, check out the YouTube ads leaderboard for the best performance by showcasing their top 20 bumper ads worldwide. 

Overlay Ads:

Overlay ads are the basic form of YouTube advertising; these are known ads, where the banners are displayed along the bottom of the videos. This is also text-based ads.

Display Ads:

Another simple YouTube advertising format. These are displayed around for some time and get displayed on the right side above the suggested videos list. These ads are shown in different sizes. 

Sponsored Card Ads:

Youtube sponsored card ads get displayed inside the videos as small as CTA popups. 

Sponsored cards are a very humble form of YouTube advertising. Pop Ups in the right-hand corner of a video, and when a viewer taps on it, the card then expands. 

Profit of Using YouTube Advertising:


YouTube advertising can be unappealing for small companies, too, if your business goal is dropshipping. YouTube advertising targets for the various content structures, with an exact method of engaging the people. If your audiences are interested in your video content then you can receive real high-quality real YouTube likes to your channel in the feed. This helps to engage your audience with the video content, more exclusively, where YouTube advertising is the best platform to be identified with the ad revenue.


YouTube comprises one billion users on the platforms and almost one billion unique visitors every month, where reach has the perfect capacity to reach a more comprehensive percent of the population while they are highly engaged. 


YouTube focuses on individual choices and interests that can help look at the right set of people with your YouTube advertising. Be cautious not to optimize your targeting and check your reach thoroughly.


YouTube advertising is a dynamic method; it is changing continuously for your ads. You can adjust your ad schedule, ad copy, and targeting so more. It is required to be ensured that you receive the lot out of your advertising budget with your YouTube in real-time. Always try to make your ads within the time to progress as your audience works. 

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