Improving Feature in the QuickBooks

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Publish Date : 2020-09-24 08:16:37

Improving  Feature in the  QuickBooks

As much as I prefer QuickBooks as a software, in my line of labor as Intuit Solution Provider, I frequently see limitations in QuickBooks. So I keep my eyes open for products that i feel would be beneficial for a few of my clients. When I'm trying to find an answer , i would like good integration with QuickBooks, preferably easy to setup and use, and fairly priced. That narrows the field! I also limit my list to only a couple of programs in order that I are often more conversant in them and more helpful to my clients.

When I first heard about Method Integration, I said - i do not catch on . What's a portal? a couple of months later I attended another webinar about the merchandise with some very concrete QuickBooks examples. This time, I saw the sunshine and came away very excited about how it could expand QuickBooks' capability, how easily, and the way reasonably. So, I hung out to find out the program in additional depth and authorized . Method address several different areas of shortcomings in QuickBooks yet you're paying for only one solution and may customize it to fit your unique business.

Here are just a couple of ways Method can work with QuickBooks:

  • You can have real-time sync - without having to manually click on sync, or File, Import, or anything aside from save the entry.
  • You can access your QuickBooks remotely - and your QuickBooks file doesn't need to be open.
  • You can have multiple users in QuickBooks but you do not need a QuickBooks license for every user; actually you'll have quite a couple of hundred users in QuickBooks Pro with Method.
  • You can have more Custom Fields using Method than you'll in QuickBooks. And, you'll use Custom Fields in Method where QuickBooks doesn't have any. An example is custom fields for Bills from Vendors.
  • You can rename fields. as an example , you'll call Customers "Clients" or rename Classes to Departments.
  • You can customize data entry screens in ways you cannot in QuickBooks.
  • You can control access such a lot better. In fact, you'll even restrict their access to only a couple of specific transactions. And, this keeps users out of your actual QuickBooks file
  • If you've got a Mac user and a PC user, both access an equivalent file .
  • Method features a better audit trail; you'll track who made changes to lists, like Customers, Vendors, Items.
  • You can create drop-down lists, to either make data entry easier or to stay users out of other areas. E.g. you'll provide a sink list for a sales rep of only their customers rather than having access to the whole list.

In this post we are mentioning three different levels of the solution -remote, CRM and full-blown. Remote Access is that the basic level. At this level, you'll access QuickBooks, found out custom fields, customize the info entry screens, and limit access.

The next level up is Method CRM(Customer Relation Management) - you get all the essential features of remote but the extra features of a CRM package. Method CRM has two aspects: sales management and case management.

1. For sales management, Method allows you to track marketing campaigns, opportunities and various sales activities. you'll maintain your list of contacts right inside Method but keep them out of QuickBooks until they become a customer or client - and you do not got to reenter any quite contact information for QuickBooks. Method CRM also integrates with Outlook including e-mails and scheduling appointments and events. From a manager's viewpoint, they will view a dashboard and analytics on prospects, customers and staff.

2. Some businesses got to track various technical or support issues with customers. With Method CRM, the billing are often created in Method (and sent to QuickBooks), but the precise issues, who was assigned to the case, status, priority, and comments are all maintained in Method. Again, the dashboard and analytics can help identify problem areas also as successful resolutions.

In the full-blown level, additionally to Remote access and Method CRM, you get industry specific applications and a free morpheme database. Two industry applications that come at this level are Method Warehouse and Method Field Services. As more are developed, you automatically get them - no extra fees.

Method Warehouse addresses a number of the weak inventory areas in QuickBooks and includes the subsequent features (this is that the list - there are more):

  • You can track multiple inventory locations.
  • You have automated bin creation and tracking.
  • You can have serial numbers
  • You can set alerts for critical levels of inventory.
  • Automated transfers are often set to LIFO (Last In First Out), FIFO (First In First Out) or FEFO (First Expires First Out).

Field service businesses may include pest control, HVAC, plumbing and electrical to call just a couple of . Method Field Services' features include:

  • Schedule one-time or recurring services.
  • Schedule by time of day or route order.
  • Work orders can span many days and cross over midnight.
  • Print, email and customize work orders and route list.
  • Turn work orders into QuickBooks invoices. Invoice one work order at a time or as a batch for a specific date range.
  • Group consistent with crew divisions or tech skill sets.
  • Track Customer equipment and serial numbers.

As a free-form database on the online , Method is already integrated with QuickBooks. For those that have done any programming, like in Microsoft Access, you'll know and appreciate these features. You can:

  • Add a vast number of tables and fields.
  • Create and customize data entry forms supported custom or pre-built tables and fields.
  • Create actions that affect what happens within the software.

So let me offer you some samples of how this might work for you. it had been in seeing examples that basically made me fully appreciate just all that Method can do with QuickBooks.

  • You could have a sales rep log into Method and see only their customers or the contacts in their territory.
  • You can have invoices placed on hold until a supervisor reviews them before going into QuickBooks.
  • You can create pop-up messages for users - this might be instructions or notify the user that they didn't fill during a required field, or a welcome message.
  • You could create a time entry screen that might have a calendar where they might prefer to date a timer that they might start and stop as they work on a project.
  • When a user clicks a button, you'll determine where they are going next by the command underlying the button.
  • Sometimes, when customizing invoices, you would like to possess certain information for your customer and can't achieve that through the traditional QuickBooks invoice screen. With Method you'll have additional fields and extra calculations and put this information where you would like on the invoice.
  • You can have your clients login to a screen you customized for them. they could be ready to enter issues that they're having or view payment records with you.

I like to customize to suit my purposes, but must admit, that programming isn't on behalf of me . There's such a lot you'll do with Method without programming. But, do you have to need the additional power, there are resources which will do the programming for you or perhaps you've got staff that would do that .

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