Beware of viral ear infections due to swimming

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Publish Date : 2021-04-01 17:15:47

Beware of viral ear infections due to swimming

Complaints of ear problems in babies and children are often detected if the situation is too severe. This is because they have not been able to tell if there is something strange about his body.

Well, usually children just notice something strange with their ears after swimming.

This was confirmed by ENT doctor Eka Hospital BSD, dr. Ika Dewi Mayangsari, SpTHT-KL (K) who received many reports from parents, children's ear problems after swimming.

"Generally, patients come with complaints of ear pain, especially after swimming, with various causes, for example when swimming in the ear there is already dirt, which can cause ear pain," said dr. Ika in the statement received by,
According to dr. Ika complaints of ear problems after swimming are like the iceberg phenomenon, because there are various causes of pain in the child's ears that have happened before.

Some of the causes include viral and bacterial infections, trauma due to scratches or exposure to sharp nails and clogged earwax.

What needs to be considered, even though it seems unrelated, inflammation or fever, coughs and colds can be early symptoms to watch out for because if not treated immediately they can cause leaky eardrums.

"It must be treated immediately, because it can progress to a higher stage (inflammation of the ear blood vessels widening), which may lead to discharge of pus, causing the eardrum to leak," said dr. Ika.

Sadly, the symptoms of ear pain in children under 1 year are very difficult to detect. So that parents must be aware of the following signs in children:
Crying by holding the ear,
Restless sleep,
The presence of an upper respiratory tract infection that causes ear infections.


This boy spent a year of pandemic as an elderly pen friend

A 9-year-old girl in Iowa became a pen pal for a resident of a nursing home during the pandemic so that the elderly would not feel lonely.

After a year of writing letters to each other, friends of different generations have finally met for the first time.

Waverly Smith (9) met Ruth Overton (100) at the Ankeny nursing home in Iowa, where Ruth's care was last week.

"I started writing to Ruth, and it was fun. I was able to share with her things I couldn't tell anyone else," Waverly said.
And Ruth said she was touched by how quickly she bonded with Waverly. "It's amazing how connected we are. I love this girl."
Waverly and Ruth regularly exchanged letters during the pandemic, while Ruth was isolated in her nursing home to stay away from the coronavirus.

The old woman eventually contracted the coronavirus, but made a full recovery and has since celebrated her 100th birthday. Ruth has also completed the Covid-19 vaccine, which means she can host more guests.

On that occasion, Waverly decided to come, to be the first guest to visit him.

Psychologists warn of the mental health repercussions because Covid-19 can outlast the physical problems caused by the disease.
Many elderly people have experienced a dramatic decline in health due to not being able to meet loved ones, while suicides among children have skyrocketed during school closings.

Desperate to be naked in front of the police, women in Dubai were fined Rp. 1.9 billion!
A woman in Dubai was sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined Rp 1.9 billion for daring naked in front of police to prevent her from investigating a report.

Adapting the Khaleej Times, Thursday (1/4/2021) the case started when the Mamuma Police in Ras Al Khaimah received reports from two women about an assault and robbery by two of their own friends.

When the police came to the scene to investigate the case, one of the female suspects allegedly fought the two officers. The woman even pushed, grabbed the hat of one of the policemen, and insulted them using profanity.

The woman also reportedly stripped her clothes naked in front of the police and claimed that they tried to rape her.
The second suspect is suspected of also threatening the two policemen, claiming that they injured his hand.

The RAK Public Prosecutor referred the case to the RAK Criminal Court where the defendant's lawyer of the second suspect asked his client to be released due to lack of evidence.

"My client has done nothing wrong," the lawyer said in court. "He confessed that the first suspect did remove his clothes in front of the police, attacked and insulted them as well"

The lawyer added that the two prosecution witnesses confirmed that the second suspect did not fight the police, and was willing to get into the car without resistance.

"My client (second suspect) even prevented the first suspect from attacking the police," the lawyer added.

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Breaking Quarantine After returning from Dubai, this man was fined almost IDR 200 million

The court stated that the first suspect was found guilty of several crimes which deserve the heaviest sentences in accordance with Articles 88 and 176 of the Criminal Code.

"He (the first suspect) should also be sentenced with a separate sentence for the third charge (threatening the police), in accordance with Article 358 of the same law," the Court ruling read.

The court finally found the second suspect not guilty. The two suspects were also acquitted of robbery charges due to a lack of evidence.

The RAK Criminal Court then ordered the first suspect to serve 10 years in prison, and pay a fine of 500,000 UAE dirhams or around Rp 1.9 billion.

The first suspect was also ordered to serve six months in prison for the third charge, and the second suspect was acquitted of all charges.

The Story of Two Daughters of the Rulers of Dubai who were held by their father
Princess Latifa, the son of Dubai ruler who is being held by her own father, asked the British police to reopen an investigation into the kidnapping of her brother on the streets of Cambridge more than 20 years ago.

In a letter obtained by the BBC, Latifa to the police in the Cambdridgeshire region, said that re-investigating the case could help to free her sister, Princess Shamsa, who was allegedly forcibly taken to Dubai on the orders of their father.

Shamsa, then 18 and now 39, has not been seen in public since then. Authorities in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates have yet to respond to requests for an interview made by the BBC.

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