How to submit assignment in google classroom in mobile

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How to submit assignment in google classroom in mobile

In today’s era we all are suffering from a pandemic situation of COVID-19. As a result, everything is suspended and all of it is getting online. The major effect is that the education system has changed with the rise of e-learning and teaching is undertaken on digital platforms.  According to research online learning has been shown to increase retention of information and also take less time. For teachers and students, the education friendly platform Google Classroom has been introduced. We will discuss all kinds of information and how to submit assignment in google classroom in mobile. Google Classroom available in the form of an application for android and ios users.

Google Classroom is specially designed to help out teachers and students communicate and also for collaboration , management,Homework help, submission of assignments and to stay organized.

What is Google Classroom?

This is a free web service developed by Google for education purposes such as school/college, private institutions etc. With the help of Google Classroom students can be invited to join a particular class through private code, or automatically imported from a school domain. Google classroom first time introduced on 6 may, 2014. Google Classroom ties Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Forms, Google Sites, Gmail, and all the more together to enable instructive organizations to go to a paperless system.[16] Google Calendar was later incorporated to help with task due dates, field excursions, and class speakers.[9] Students can be welcome to study halls through the foundation's information base, through a private code that would then be able to be included the understudy's UI or naturally imported from a school domain.[ Each class made with Google Classroom makes a different envelope in the particular client's Google Drive, where the understudy can submit work to be reviewed by an educator.

Is Google Classroom an LMS?

In fact, no. Google Classroom isn't an independent learning the executives framework (LMS), course the board framework (CMS), or understudy data framework (SIS). All things considered, Google consistently adds new capacities to Google Classroom. In June 2019, for instance, Google reported that schools will before long have the option to synchronize the instrument's new evaluating highlights to a current understudy data framework. As Google keeps on including highlights, all things considered, it might begin to look, and capacity, more like a LMS. In any case, for the present it's ideal to think about the instrument as an all in one resource for class association.

How To Submit Assignment In Google Classroom In Mobile

Tasks are put away and evaluated on Google's set-up of efficiency applications that permit coordinated effort between the instructor and the understudy or understudy to understudy. Rather than sharing archives that dwell on the understudy's Google Drive with the instructor, documents are facilitated on the understudy's Drive and afterward submitted for review. Instructors may pick a record that would then be able to be treated as a layout so every understudy can alter their own duplicate and afterward turn around in for an evaluation as opposed to permitting all understudies to view, duplicate, or alter the equivalent document. Students can likewise decide to join extra archives from their Drive to the task.

Few basic steps to submit your assignment:

  1. Go and click on the assignment in the classroom stream.

  2.  then just click on the Writable assignment.

  3. Understudies will be approached to sign into Writable. They should click "I'm a Student" and afterward "Sign in with Google."

  4. . Next, understudies will see their understudy dashboard in Writable and they will click "Express" to start or proceed with their work. (In the event that they have been doled out friend surveys to finish, they'll have to click "Audit" when they're prepared to do those surveys.)

  5. Understudies should then compose their expositions or reactions. At the point when they're prepared to submit, they'll click "Submit" on the correct side of the screen, underneath the rubric. In the event that the task has a perusing purpose, understudies should tap the "Check and Submit" tab first...

  6. Then just click on the “submit” button.

  7. Next, they'll be asked if they're ready to submit the assignment as final in Google Classroom. If they don't want to, they should click "Cancel." If they're ready to submit to Classroom, they should click "Turn in Google Classroom Assignment."

What other apps and websites integrate with Google Classroom?

There are presently several outer applications and sites that coordinate with Google Classroom. A portion of these applications may collaborate with Google, while others make and distribute their own outsider additional items in the Chrome store. In case you're utilizing Google Classroom widely, incorporating other edtech apparatuses can be an approach to smooth out your guidance. For instance, say you need your understudies to concentrate some jargon words utilizing Quizlet; you can utilize the Google Classroom joining to straightforwardly share and appoint a specific blaze card set to your group. Or then again, in case you're searching for other learning content on the web, there are incorporations with distributors like Newsela, Khan Academy, and BrainPop, among others - you'll discover a wide range of articles, recordings, and other instructive substance to impart to your understudies. 

Our article Nine Apps and Websites That Integrate with Google Classroom covers a modest bunch of these, yet the rundown surely doesn't end there. In the event that there's an edtech application or site you like utilizing with your understudies, odds are there's a method to connect it inside Google Classroom.


Here, we get why Google Classroom plays  an important role in the LMS (Learning Management System). Communication between the students and teacher becomes easier. Under Google classroom the communication is effective and better for the environment. We already discussed how to submit assignment in Google classroom in mobile.  This increases accountability and instant feedback. This also decreases the budget consumption of the learning process. So , this is all about how to submit assignment in Google classroom in mobile.

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