“When the parent begins the conversation it’s best to start with focusing on the problem to solve and not specifically o

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“When the parent begins the conversation it’s best to start with focusing on the problem to solve and not specifically o

“People have trouble saving money not due to a lack of motivation, but because they are more motivated by the next purchase. Make saving motivating. Visualize a vacation, a car, or a child going to college in order to make the idea of saving more rewarding,” says Dr. Korb.

“Most people do not feel like exercising at any given moment. Instead, make it part of the daily schedule. If exercising seems difficult, join a beginner’s yoga, walking, or swimming class to make exercise feel more manageable,” he said.

“If we want to motivate people in the long run, we can’t do that using external rewards or punishments ... We should, instead, create an environment that satisfies autonomy, competence, and relatedness to foster people’s internal drive to act,” says Dr. Chu.

There’s nothing White people love more than jumping in front of traffic and directing it. If there’s a fender bender or an old lady with a sprained ankle in the middle of the road, there’s always a Civil Engineer Stu who jumps out of the bushes and starts telling cars when to stop and go, acting like they understand traffic flow.





















triggered by getting a Lenovo X1C6 to replace my Macbook Air, I started tinkering with performance tweaks a bit more than before and one of the things I noticed is that if I use a low latency kernel, at least for my specific type of usage, the overall experience is a bit snappier. Since then, I have used the low latency kernel with Ubuntu on pretty much most of my daily drivers and the experience has been consistently better at least for what I do.

Some people do not know how to cook healthy foods and are overwhelmed by the concept, so it can help to take a class or watch a free video tutorial to learn how easy it can be to eat a healthy, easy to prepare, diet.

Dr. Chu suggests finding exercise options that are fun and find “workout buddies” such as our friends and family to keep us accountable, and do exercise that is at an optimal level of challenge (things that are too difficult or easy make us quit).

“Potential questions to ask include the following: Is keeping up with their schoolwork consistent with their values? Do they know why they are asked to do their homework? What are the consequences of not doing their assignments? Are they OK with those consequences, both short term (getting a bad grade) and long term (settling for a low-skilled job)?” he said.

There’s nothing a White person loves like crediting a fellow White person with an idea they had no part in originating. This goes out to every Jennerdashian, as well as every journalist who has credited them with inventing things like box braids or curves or mahogany skin.

Nir Eyal is a former Lecturer at Stanford and is the bestselling author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products and Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life. Indistractable won numerous honors and was named one of the Best Books of the Year by Amazon.

“Make a conscious choice and think about the ‘why’ such as being a good role model for kids. Consider eating healthy as a lifestyle rather than a diet, eat out with friends who like to eat healthy to keep us accountable, and find different healthy recipes that are fun to cook and tasty enough to eat.” says Dr. Chu.

“We can focus on our strengths, as well as embrace a growth mindset and tell ourselves ‘I’m not good at math/my job yet, I can keep learning and grow,’ to recognize that we have strengths and then we can learn and grow to feel more competent,” says Dr. Chu.

White people love pretending that they are just walking around in between moments of cancelation. They’re either about to be canceled or just got canceled — both of which ignore the fact that they’ll be enjoying the rest of their lives consequence-free.

There’s no costume that requires the commitment and imagination of a White person dressing up as the central figure in a Black story. If you’re looking for costume inspirations, just check The Help, Green Book, Mississippi Burning, or history textbooks.

According to self-determination theory competence is a sense of effectiveness and mastery, and relatedness is a sense of connectedness and belonging. To overcome trouble with the motivation to get in or out of bed Dr. Chu recommends enhancing competence and relatedness by setting goals for things that we are good at or can do with other people and reminding ourselves about long-term goals and purpose every day.

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