Virtual Reality and Human Perception

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Virtual Reality and Human Perception

To understand how virtual reality technologyinfluences human perception, we first need to understand what virtual reality is, how it works and what part or is playing in human life?

Virtual reality:

A computer-generated simulationcreates a three-dimensional artificial environment that seems real to the user, and they started believing in that artificial environment. It gave a chance to it’s users to interact with the three-dimensional environment.For this purpose, virtual reality technology is used like VR google or VR headset. Our sense of sight and hearing is mostly involved, or we can say it is the main target in virtual reality. The virtual reality technology has reached and is helping in many fields like education, sports, military, medical, media, architecture and entertainment.Virtual technology's main goal is to provide an artificial three-dimensional computer-generated environment that the user starts believing it as a reality. People love to use virtual reality technology. The leading virtual reality companies are Amazon, Samsung, Microsoft, Oculus VR and woldViz.

Human perception and virtual reality:

Virtual reality has helped observe human perception and behaviour with its ability to create an artificial environment that seems real. Psychologists use this virtual reality technology to get perfect, authentic and desired results in their number of experiments.

Two screens:

One of the reasons that why virtual reality technology feels so real to its user is that when you are using your phone screen or you are in front of your TV screen, you do not need to step back of forward when the object gets bigger or smaller because we are in front of one screen. But the main phenomenon working in virtual reality technology is that when the user wears the VR headset, there are two screens which are right in front of the user's eye. A screen in front of each eye.These two screens project have slightly different image into each eye. Now the question arises how? To understand it more properly let’s do an interesting experiment. Hold up your finger right in front of your face. Now wink each of your eyes. You will observe that your finger jump back and forth with every wink of your eye. This is the difference between your one eye and another, and this difference conveys depth. And this is the thing which conveys three dimensions.

The real artificial environment:

The VR headset made it possible for its users to look and move around the artificial or fake world exactly as we move around the real world. If you move to the right, you can see the world to your right. Same as when you look right, down or upwards. These things made it more real. Virtual reality technology users arecompletely involved in that fake world because all they can feel is that they are moving in the real world. This is how virtual technology tricks its users' mind. Because once you wear the VR headset, you are the camera and your brain start interpreting it as your perception.

360 audio:

The 360 scenario or three-dimensional environment is anotherfactor which plays an important part in human perception while using the virtual technology or moving around the virtual world. With your movement, the sounds also change. If you are in an open-air you can hear the sound of wind blowing, if you are moving on a road, you can hear the sound of traffic which made it more real and more fascinating, and we can say another hit on human perception to believe all the things moving around is real.

The similarity to the real world:

All the cues given to us in the virtual environment are so real that the user can not distinguish between moving in the real world or the virtual world. One of the main reason that the user the human perception starts believing it as a real-world is our sense of sight. People believe in what they see. Research says that 80% or the information we receive from our environment is based on our sense of sight or the vision only. We learn, understand and believe what we see. This is the thing which VR developers are using to manipulate our reality. We can move around the entire virtual city without leaving a room when the user starts believing the virtual environment as real the brain automatically fills the other blanks.

Sense of feeling:

Another interesting study finds out that you will start feeling the cold if you are at a snowy or cold place in the virtual world. Or you are in the hot environment or a sunny place we would start feeling hot irrespective to the real-world environment.Besides all the use of virtual technology for entertainment purpose, it is also used to in health. VR has used for reducing the pain of burnt victims while changing their bandage by immersing them in a snowy world. It is also used to treat people who had different phobias like a phobia of height or dark.


Virtual reality technology is designed to start believing it as reality, and the most important thing is the senses or users involved in it. This virtual technology is designed se intelligently that it hits those senses of the user, which play a vital role for a human being to believe in something. The sense of sight, feel and hear. Combining these senses results in faith in virtual technology by a user on the virtual or virtual worlds. Besides the use of virtual technology for entertainment and gaming purpose,it has contributed a lot in health. The psychologist uses virtual reality technology in several case studies for observing human behaviour in different situations. The virtual reality laboratories are used for such experiments.

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