2021 Advanced And Best Complaint Management System

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2021 Advanced And Best Complaint Management System


Nowadays, various associations have been considering working indirectly. Groups are to work all the more deftly and capably by overseeing clients over the web. There is a need to mechanize all your business exercises with the objective that your client will finish his work beneficially and advantageous. Complaint Management System is therefore made to deal with up these business circumstances and associates in holding up a strong relationship close by your client.


Complaint Management System programming is primarily used to build business income through the improvement of a business' relationship with its clients. A hearty, current Complaint Management System is likewise utilized for the accompanying:

  • To merge all organization information into one focal space

Complaint Management System goes about as a center point for all colleagues to get to required data including, contact data, correspondence history and client history. With the capacity to refresh information continuously, the odds of copy information passage and incorrect data wanes.

  • Increase sales opportunities

With Complaint Management System capacity to computerize many tedious errands, deals groups can invest more energy in the street meeting with current and expected customers. Complaint Management System likewise assists agents with building a business cycle, making a bit by bit map on bringing arrangements and diminishing deals to a close cycle lengths.

  • Shift and maintain focus on your customers

By putting all data into one focal space so client needs are tended to and deals groups can rapidly travel through their business cycle, Complaint Management System maintains the emphasis on the client, who are the pulses of each business. Complaint Management System assists organizations with foreseeing client needs, which improves client support understanding.


Checking all that information makes task computerization one of the most significant focal spots gave by the present Complaint Management System. By letting AI and appraisal do an aspect of the truly vexatious work, you spare time and shield yourself from getting wore out on intellectually upsetting or low cerebrum advancement endeavors.


Settling on telephone decisions inside your Complaint Management System stage thusly passes on information unendingly, the date, who settled on the decision, in like way incredibly more. You'll have the decision to for the most part follow old and new clients and timetable coming about meet-ups, with a headed together base for contact data. Snap to call, cross-stage comfort makes it a breeze to call from any place, makes your business essentially more brilliant, and additional things a bewildering level of cash on telephone bills. Email blend smoothes out the business cycle from your inbox, letting let you sort out leads, blueprints, and contacts, sync data from Gmail to your Complaint Management System, and produce follow-up recommendations to close more plans.

Complaint Management System

Complaint Management System (COMS) Specially Designed & Developed to Manage the Complaints, inquiries and suggestion of Members against Electricity, Water, Sewerage, Gas, Security, Services, Working etc.

This is web base software enables you to quickly and accurately respond to customer requests submitted via different channels. By using this system, you can provide better services to their customers and improve Quality process to mitigate any further customer complaints. And as a results increase Business as well.

Set Up:

Define Nature of Complaints 2021.

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Security
  • Garbage etc
  • Garbage etc

Define Staff / Super visor against each Complaint.
Define Staff Logins / Password.

Log Complaints:

Open the company website and click button Complaints.
Complaints form will open.
Log Complaints / Inquiry with detail.

  • Member Name
  • Block & House No.
  • Nature of Complain. ( Electric, Water, Gas, Security etc)
  • Detail of Complaint / Inquiry.
  • Members availability timing for visit

Unique Complaint 2021 # will be assigned against each Complaint / Inquiry

Assignment & working:

Assign complaint / inquiry to respective supervisor.
Setting priority of complaint /Inquiry.
Working against the complaint / inquiry.
Update Status & Remarks against each complaint.


Getting Feedback against Complaint / Inquiry.


Complaints Dashboard.
Total Complaints with status.
Staff wise complaints with status.
Monthly/Period Complaints Summary Report.

Detailed Software Features:-

Complaint Dash Board For Manger

Complaint Dash Board For Supervisor

Complaint Nature Wise Report

Complaint Staff Wise Report

SHE Technologies provides readily available CMS 2021 to satisfy up your customers' criticism and inquiries. Holding and supporting your customer is one of the most significant part in the wake of selling your administrations or items. See underneath how our CMS 2021 programming is best for your business. Our CMS 2021 encourages our important customers to contact Customers at the correct second and connect with them over each channel. SHE CMS 2021 helps organizations all things considered, close more arrangements in more brilliant way.

SHE CMS 2021 is online programming which permits you to get to it from anyplace, whenever and from any gadget (Laptop, iPad, Android and Apple telephone).

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