the Impact of Too Frequent Sex

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the Impact of Too Frequent Sex

The honeymoon period makes couples have a lot of time to have sex. Intimate relationship can be done at any time as long as there is a chance.
However, have you ever asked about what will happen when sex is done too often?

In fact, no one can define 'having sex too often'. Sex is so limitless. As long as you and your partner feel happy and comfortable, there is no such thing as 'having too much sex'.
"There is no limit to the amount of sex anyone can have. However, there may be physical problems [due to frequent sex] that make you a little uncomfortable," said gynecologist Diana Bitner, citing Woman's Health Magazine.

This discomfort arises due to changes in the intimate organs due to frequent sex.
When the frequency of sex has exceeded the body's limits, a person will issue a number of signs, as follows, citing various sources.

1. Dry vagina
The first sign of the most obvious is vaginal dryness. This is thought to occur because the body has been in contact or penetration for too long.

A dry vagina can also make sex painful, especially during penetration.

In some cases, this condition can trigger a small tear in the vagina that is painful. "Vaginal tears can occur from too much sex, especially if there are other conditions such as vaginal dryness," says Bitner.

Not only that, vaginal dryness also often occurs in women who are entering menopause. Dryness triggers a burning sensation inside the vagina during sexual contact or penetration.

2. Irritation and blisters around the vagina
The more sex you have, the less natural moisture your body will produce. This condition generally causes friction and pain, which can be interpreted as a signal to take a temporary break from strenuous intimate activities such as sex.

Not only that, too much sex can also cause irritation, blisters, or a rash on the outer skin around the vulva.
3. Penetration hurts
The irritation and blisters around the vulva can make penetration painful. This condition can be a signal that your sex organs need to take a break from sex for a while.
However, if you want to continue the relationship, you are advised to choose a missionary position and use extra lubricants. Stop sex if it still hurts.
4. Swelling of the vagina and labia
While sex is okay with frequency, there are some major physical dangers to having too much sex. One of them is excessive vaginal and labia swelling.
"With a lot of sexual stimulation, the vagina and labia become filled with blood, and this can cause swelling and excessive pain," explains gynecologist, Sherry A Ross, citing Health.
5. Pain in the penis
When sex is done at a frequency that is beyond the ability of the body, the penis will hurt.

"When someone ejaculates 8-10 times during Friday-Sunday, it will cause uncomfortable pain when ejaculating again," said urologist Jonathan Schiff, citing Insider.

However, you don't need to worry. Slowly the body will adjust itself.

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# Practicing Safe Sex You Must Know
When it comes to safe sex, the first thing that comes to mind is the use of condoms. Although it can prevent the risk of disease transmission and unwanted pregnancy, safe sexual intercourse is not limited to using condoms.

There are many other considerations and things that you need to prepare, both physically and mentally, to have safe sex. Come on, read on to find out what the true principles of safe sex look like!
What is the importance of knowing how to safely have sex?
Safe sex is any form of sexual activity that is carried out as a preventive measure to protect oneself and your partner from the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

All forms of sexual contact carry their risks, including even kissing.

Yes, although it is often seen as an intimate activity that is not a risk, kissing lips can be an intermediary for the spread of disease through the exchange of saliva between you and your partner.
Meanwhile, sex is said to be unsafe or risky if you and your partner engage in sexual activity without any precautions, especially not using a condom.

Simply put, the principle of safe sex is a strategy that aims to reduce the risks and harms of any type of sexual activity.

The principle of safe sex can also include self-protection from an unplanned pregnancy.

Make sure your partner wants to have sex
Communication is the key to having a healthy and happy sexual relationship. One of the forms of communication in sex is giving and getting mutual consent.
Many argue that agreement here means "consensual". However, this definition is still inaccurate.

The reason is, even though you and your partner are "consensual", it is not certain that you both want to engage in certain sexual activities at one time.
This consent should be in every opportunity or every time you and your partner have sex.

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